Comic Con News: Matt Smith & Jenna Coleman Talk Doctor Who

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Matt Smith may be on his way out of the TARDIS, but he’s still got a fair amount of traveling and entertaining to do before he hangs up his bowtie.  Recently at San Diego Comic Con he and Jenna Coleman (she’s decided to drop the hyphenated “Louise”) sat down to talk about their experiences on the show.

Smith talks about the legacy of his Doctor, the upcoming regeneration, and jokes about what he’s going to do about his short hair.  Jenna admits that for much of the filming of series seven she was just as much in the dark about the mystery behind her character’s multiple lives as the viewers were.

They both praise Moffat’s writing with regards to how he creates a dynamic between the duo and they admit that a lot of their real life personalities are in the characters they portray.  Matt is a bit clumsy and Jenna is “fierce,” both clear traits displayed in the Doctor and Clara.

They finish up by talking about how cool it was to work with John Hurt and that he’s not at all creepy in real life, unlike the character we saw in the series seven finale.  That’s good to know in case we’re ever fortunate enough to meet the esteemed Mr. Hurt in person.


Remember, the Doctor returns November 23rd.  Don’t miss Matt Smith’s second-to-last outing as the Doctor.


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