Comic Con News: Steven Moffat Talks Doctor Who

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Steven Moffat answers a lot of good questions about Doctor Who in this video interview.

Something I found fascinating is that he says he writes the Doctor the same no matter the actor in the role. The individual personalities of each actor are what make the small, but ultimately significant differences in the character as he regenerates into each new incarnation.

There might be a different catchphrase and wardrobe, but the character is written exactly the same otherwise.

Moffat goes on to address the running theme of the Doctor’s name.  He says he likes the fact that such a well-established fictional character doesn’t have a name and the very title of the show reminds you of that every week.

One very interesting point he brings up is just how difficult it must have been to pitch the idea for this show back in 1963.  The idea of an alien who can travel through space and time in a blue box that’s bigger on the inside would be a hard enough sell in today’s sci-fi-ready world, but can you imagine the pitch for this idea way back in ’63?  After considering that, I think we should count ourselves very lucky that Doctor Who ever came into being at all.

We hear him say the 50th Anniversary episode will be “feature length” so I guess we can expect at least 90 minutes out of the big five-o.


Remember, the Doctor returns November 23rd.  Don’t miss Matt Smith’s second-to-last outing as the Doctor.


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