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By: Lisa Rushing
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We’re here for another week of Contiuum’s second season with episode five titled “Second Opinion”. We open in 2077 with Kiera looking for her son, Sam, at his birthday party. She finds him outside where he’s wishing his dad was there and Kiera cheers him up by giving him an early birthday present from his dad. It turns out to be a Colonials vs. Rebels set where the figurines come to life.

 Back in the present, it’s Sam’s birthday and Kiera is turning over one of the figurines before turning back to looking for Escher. Clearly emotional, she calls Alec to make sure he’s still looking for Escher as well and he notices her being “edgy”.  Carlos walks up and starts talking about the case and lack of information. Kiera is emotional and shutting down her partner at every attempt he makes to help. Meanwhile, Alec meets up with Kellog as they discuss the terms of their partnership. Kellog shows Alec what he can offer in the form of a new lab workplace. Alec is determined to make sure he has controlling interest in their business ventures with 51% ownership. SadTech is officially formed.

Back at the office, Kiera is having flashbacks of Sam and retreats to the restroom. While this is happening, a group of officials come in and go to Dillon’s office. Carlos is able to find out that he is being fired but it’s unclear why. Nora Harris, a woman who Kiera just met in the restroom, takes over and immediately wants to question Kiera. It’s revealed that the team is there to uncover a mole in the office which they plan to do by searching everyone’s files and documents. On the street, Alec is being followed but it turns out to be Jason who has designs to show him in the way of the time travel device we saw in the pilot. However, Kiera calls for Alec’s help when she’s being questioned by Gardiner and Harris. They’re unable to find any records of her or her family. Kiera is fidgeting with the figurine from Sam and drops it; Gardiner picks it up and starts messing with it to get to her. She loses control and slams Gardiner against the wall. At this point Alec loses his connection with Kiera and a man only visible to Kiera tells her he’s taking her “offline” since she’s proven to be a danger to herself and others and has to do a “psych evaluation”.


 Kiera begins to breakdown as the man questions her about Sam. He tells her that unless he can clear her at 80% efficiency he’ll have to erase anything causing her emotional distress. While Kiera is with the “cognitive therapist”, Gardiner and Harris question Carlos about her and their theory that she’s the mole for Liber8. Kiera gets the man to turn on her communications long enough for her to contact Alec and plead with him to find a way to keep the suit from erasing her memories.

Betty finds Kiera in the washroom and tells her about files she kept on her under Dillon’s directions. They have connections to her being in places she shouldn’t be. She also admits that she attended a Liber8 meeting before under Dillon’s orders as well acting as a spy of sorts. They both worry that she’ll be accused as the mole and Kiera will be in trouble as well. Betty hands Kiera a flashdrive which can do a system sweep if they’re able to access Betty’s office. The therapist with Kiera meanwhile is unaware of the year they’re in and convinced she’s simply crazy. Gardiner and Harris uncover Betty’s file of the Liber8 meeting she attended but don’t find where it was under Dillon’s instruction. They put her in holding pending a further investigation.

Kiera gets desperate and finally gives in to talking about Sam and the worry she has that he’s blaming himself for her disappearance. The therapist pulls a vision of Sam out of Kiera’s memories and has her tell him everything she’s wished she could for so long. After he disappears, she’s able to admit that while she’ll never be able to let him go, she has to accept that she may never get back to him. Her determination to help Betty clear her name sets in and the kick-butt Kiera is back.


 With access to her suit restored she goes invisible to insert the flashdrive and work on performing the system wipe. Harris and Gardiner admit their belief that she and Betty are moles and working together with Liber8. They also believe that Section 6 is made up. While they’re searching for the files that no longer exist, Alec assists in uncovering a Trojan horse (or virus) that was set by Liber8. In other words, an electronic mole placed to look as if Betty was the real mole. Betty’s name is cleared and Kiera finally finds the words to make Harris back off her investigation of her.

Alec and Jason discuss the time travel device diagrams. They decide to work together on plans for the device. Betty, Carlos, and Kiera reflect on the day and Betty heads out after thanking Kiera for clearing her name. Carlos finally leaves after Kiera lets him know she’s really okay. She says a quiet “Happy Birthday Sam” and finally is able to put the figurine away in her desk.

In a surprise, twist ending, a much more serious Betty is walking away when a silver SUV pulls up. She gets in and it’s revealed that Lucas is driving and Betty truly is the mole working with Liber8. He asks her how it went and she replies “I’m here aren’t I” before they drive away.



While this week’s episode lacked fast-paced action, it certainly made up for it with an emotional side of Kiera we don’t often get to see. The scene between her and Sam where she’s pouring out her heart is gut-wrenching and makes us realize just how much she’s affected by being in this time period. There were a lot of unexpected twists this week with Dillon being fired, the introduction of Harris and the discovery of Betty being the mole. It’s going to be interesting to watch how the writers have decided to unfold that storyline. So what do you think?

Where is Alec headed with the formation of SadTech?

What’s going to happen with Dillon now?

How far will Harris and Gardiner go in their investigation of Kiera?

What is going to transpire now that Betty has been revealed as the mole?


Make sure to let us know what your theories/predictions are by commenting or tweeting me @lmfsrush or @ThreeIfBySpace with the hashtag #continuumtheory. Until next week everyone, have a safe and happy holiday weekend!

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