Idris Elba Returns In “Luther” For A 4 Night Event on BBC America – Trailer

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Image courtesy BBC America

Okay, so Luther is not a genre show, but it’s an exceptionally great show with Idris Elba in the lead role.  The guy’s got some serious genre cred having been in films like Prometheus, Thor, and Pacific Rim.  He’s also one of the best actors in the business and he’ll make you love the tortured John Luther.

BBC America is bringing the third season of Luther to American audiences with a four-night event running from September 3-6 at 10/9c.  (Yes, the entire season is only 4 episodes long, but they’re awesome.)

Luther isn’t just another police procedural.  If you’ve never seen it before the best analogy I could give is it’s sort of a cross between House and Sherlock.  Hell, even that’s not an apt comparison, but it has elements of both shows in it.

John Luther is a troubled soul who’s not beyond breaking the rules to solve a case.  You’re probably telling yourself that I’m making it sound like almost every cop show around, and on the surface it does, but Luther takes the troubled-cop theme to a whole new paradigm.

Like Doctor House or Sherlock Holmes, he’s usually the smartest guy in the room and he’s not terribly concerned with what others think of him or his methods.  Unlike those two, John Luther is pretty good at connecting with people and has a very different kind of relationship with one of his past suspects.

Check out this trailer for season 3.

So let’s say you’ve never seen Luther before, but you’re intrigued and, seriously, how could you not be?  Here’s a recap video that’ll bring you up to speed…almost.  This recap is from last year’s BBC America broadcast of series two, but it will catch you up sufficiently to play along at home.


As you can see this isn’t your average cop story.  Please ignore the dates in that recap video as they’re for last year’s broadcast.

Luther airs on BBC America with a four-night event running from September 3-6 at 10/9c.

Luther on BBC America’s site

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