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If you’ve been checking into my write-ups then you have probably figured out I’m a fan of some quirky stuff, but mostly rock, alternative, punk and pop fill out my playlists…and I’m not a fan of country. Needless to say, the genres I like aren’t the only ones with some great indie artists, so I’ve decided to get off my usual kick and find something for the country music fans out there. So without further ado, I present Katie Thompson.

Katie Thompson is a singer/songwriter from Christchurch, New Zealand, so as my mom put it, “that means you automatically have to like her.” Okay, so maybe my mom is a bit strange in her fascination (or obsession) with New Zealand (and now you know where I get my strangeness), but after listening to Katie Thompson’s music, you may just agree with her. I still don’t, but, as I said, I don’t like country music. Katie Thompson released her debut album, Tall Poppy in 2009 and garnered a lot of success with an international music funding site, Sellaband. Her newest album, Impossible was released in January of 2011 and has elements of pop, folk and country music which I think you may like. So watch the videos, click on the linkses below and help support another great indie artist!

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