Indie Music: Kyle Andrews


It’s summer (pause here for a moment to jump, scream and run around waving your arms in the air above your head like a kid…or a monkey) and with the Independence Day fireworks still going off, I wanted to find something fun and upbeat with a good vibe to share, so this week’s indie music selection is Kyle Andrews. Kyle Andrews is a Nashville-based singer/songwriter who has been sharing his music since the early 2000s and released his first album, Amos in Ohio in 2006. He has since released a few more EPs: Find Love, Let Go (2007), Real Blasty (2009), Kangaroo EP (2010) and Robot Learn Love (2011) with his latest album, Brighter Than The Sun, scheduled to be released via his own imprint, Elephant Lady Records, July 23. One of my favorite songs, “You Always Make Me Smile,” even inspired an awesome water balloon fight with 4,000 participants and “Sushi” was shortlisted for the Guggenheim’s YouTube Play Exhibit!

Check some of this great music out here and if you like it, follow the linkses, spend your monies, crank up the volume and have fun!


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