Indie Music: Mikal Cronin


This past week I downloaded some random songs from Merge Records, an independent record label out of North Carolina. After listening to the music for a few days, a couple songs really stood out, which basically means they got stuck in my head because I had them on repeat so often. The first song that ended up out of the shuffle on perpetual repeat was “Weight” by Mikal Cronin. Mikal Cronin made his self-titled debut album in 2011 that presented songs about the ending of one chapter in his life while his newest album, MCII, is about new beginnings with Cronin playing all the instruments on most of the songs. His music is a bit on the garage pop/rock side and upbeat, so check him out and if you like what you hear, listen some more, click on the linkses and buy some awesome music!

Mikal Cronin on Merge Records 
Mikal Cronin on Bandcamp 
Mikal Cronin on iTunes 

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