BBC America Highlights 13 “Doctor Who” Connections In “Broadchurch”

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Image courtesy BBC America

Broadchurch premieres tomorrow night on BBC America at 10:00 pm ET/PT (9:00 CT) and if you read our post from July (David Tennant Returns In “Broadchurch” – Trailer) then you know the show has several connections to Doctor Who besides the obvious fact that David Tennant is the lead.

In that article I pointed out 5 or 6 links to Doctor Who, but the good people at BBC America have come up with no less than 13.  Granted, at least one of those connections is a bit flimsy, but they did a really good job of compiling any and all connections they could find.  If you’d like to read the original article, click to read BBC America’s “13 Common Denominators Between ‘Broadchurch’ and ‘Doctor Who’.

If you’d rather remain with us, and I thank you for doing so, I’ll be listing those connections right here.  I’ll be listing each person’s role in Broadchurch then how they’re connected to the Whoniverse.


1: David Tennant is DI Alec Hardy and was the Doctor

This is the most obvious of all the connections and you don’t really need anyone to expound on this any further.


2: Arthur Darvill is Reverand Paul Coates and was Rory Williams

Maybe you’d prefer to call him “Rory Pond” as the Doctor was fond of doing, but either way he’s another obvious connection.


3: Olivia Colman is DS Ellie Miller and played “Mother” in the Doctor Who episode “The Eleventh Hour”

Here’s a little clip:


4: Chris Chibnall is the creator, writer, and executive producer of Broadchurch and wrote several episodes of Doctor Who

This one is pretty self-explanatory and we have Mr. Chibnall to thank for Broadchurch.  So, thank you Mr. Chibnall!


5: David Bradley is Jack Marshall, played Solomon in Doctor Who and will play William Hartnell in An Adventure in Space and Time

Pictures or it didn’t happen.  Or video in this case:


6: Euros Lyn directs and episode of Broadchurch and has directed several episodes of Doctor Who

If you want to know which episode of Broadchurch he directed you’re going to have to watch the show and read the credits!


7: Simon Rouse is Les Danvers and played the character of Hindle in a classic Doctor Who episode

An added bonus to the Who-connection is the episode Danvers was in happened during Peter Davison’s time as the Doctor.  Peter Davison is David Tennant’s real-life father-in-law.

Here, look at this:


8: Tracey Childs is CS Elaine Jenkinson and played Metella on Doctor Who

The character of Metella was in the episode “The Fires of Pompeii” which also happened to have upcoming 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi and Karen Gillan in it as well.  The Doctor Who connections are looking more like an intricate web as this progresses.

Check this clip with two Doctors and Ms. Childs:


9: Sanchia McCormack is Nicky Smith and played a housing officer on Doctor Who

Sure, it’s a very small part, but it’s another thread in the ever-growing Doctor Who/Broadchurch web.


10: Simon Ludders is Trevor Smith and played a patient in the Doctor Who episode “New Earth”

That was the episode with the nurses who had cat faces and the Face of Boe showed up.  Apparently, there were a lot of faces in that episode.


11: Matthew Gravelle is Joe Miller and played a doctor in the Torchwood: Miracle Day episode “End of Days”

He was only credited as “Doctor” in that Torchwood episode, but he’s in there.  I checked!


12: Susan Brown is Liz Roper and played Bridget Spears in Torchwood: Children of Earth

Again with the multiple connections!  She played alongside Peter Capaldi, who was Frobisher in this incarnation of Torchwood.


13: Andrew Buchan is Mark Latimer and played Scott Foster in Party Animals

This is a really loose and sketchy connection because he wasn’t in an episode of Doctor Who or Torchwood.  So where’s the connection, you ask?  Buchan played Matt Smith’s brother in Party Animals.  Yeah, that’s kind of stretching it a little, but it’s a connection just the same.

Video proof to help bolster the strength of this tenuous connection:


All the credit for these connections goes to BBC America and their crack staff for putting this all together.  Please take a moment to check out their website.  It’s filled with all the great offerings they have on now and exciting news of upcoming events like Luther.


Broadchurch premieres Wednesday, August 7, 10:00pm ET/PT as part of Dramaville.

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