TiBS Is Going To Dragon Con – Catch Us If You Can!

Courtesy Dragon Con Photography (c) 2013 Dragon Con, Inc

It’s that time of year again.  Labor Day weekend rolls around, school’s back in, summer’s almost over, Daleks frolick with vampires.  You know, the usual, at least when you’re at Dragon Con.

Once again Three If By Space will be at Dragon Con taking in all the sights and sounds along with the kajillion other fans descending upon a now quite suspecting Atlanta.  Sure, SDCC gets all the attention, but if you want to see costumes and just have a great time it’s pretty hard to beat Dragon Con.  They’re both great, but I think Dragon Con is more like a big party.

There’s plenty of panels, too.  I’ve got more panels scheduled on my Dragon Con Mobile App than I can possibly attend, but that just means there’s plenty to choose from.  I definitely won’t miss the Falling Skies Q&A panel with Peter Shinkoda, Doug Jones, Luvia Peterson, and the show’s science advisor Kevin R. Grazier.

We’re also hoping to squeeze in some Star Trek, Stargate, The Walking Dead, Fringe, Warehouse 13, Doctor Who, Torchwood, and maybe an hour or two of sleep each night.

It’s not all work, though.  We’re going to be wandering the halls and mixing with the crowd while we live Tweet and we’d love to meet you!  We’ll be regularly tweeting our location with the hashtag #TIBSDRAGON letting you know where to find us.  When you see a tweet with the tag, come by and say, “Hi.”

If you bring a soft pretzel or cold bottle of water when you show up I’ll love you forever.

So if you’re not already doing it (and why wouldn’t you be?), follow @ThreeIfBySpace for tweets directly from my Managing Editor, Robert.  For some “color commentary” and copious amounts of silly immaturity you can follow me, Tom, @Thogar.

And don’t forget to listen live to the 3 Girls and A Podcast Dragon Con Pregame Broadcast with Emma & Jasmine, plus my boss, Robert will be joining in.  Check the link and listen in Thursday night at 11/10c.

So, here’s to a fun few days in Atlanta.  Hope to meet a bunch of you!

Remember to follow these Twitter accounts (Click on the handles to be taken to each profile):

@ThreeIfBySpace – Robert, Founder & Managing Editor

@Thogar – Tom, Editor & Resident Mascot

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