Dragon Con 2013: Hilarious Torchwood Panel Hijinks, Part 1


It’s a fact: Dragon Con is just plain fun.  Everything about it is fun, even waiting in lines can be fun because there’s throngs of people who share your enthusiasm for the event.  You’re constantly making connections with people who were strangers just moments before.

One of the most fun aspects of Dragon Con are the panels.  Dragon Con panels are rarely about business.  Everyone’s here to have fun and the panelists often have the most fun.  Nowhere has this been more true than the Torchwood panel.  To tell the truth I’ve never been to a dull panel at Dragon Con, but Torchwood ranks up there with the best of them all in terms of sheer fun and hilarity.

During the course of the hour, many questions were asked and answered.  Many tales were told and there was much laughter from both the audience and the panelists.  Hell, John Barrowman laughed so hard he fell backwards out of his chair TWICE!

John Barrowman has a reputation for being pretty outrageous and is a funny guy, but Eve Myles may have outshone him here.  At the very least, she made John laugh countless times.

Since there were so many great snippets from this panel, I’ve decided to break it up into two parts.  I have six videos total, three of which will be here and the other three will be in part 2 to follow a bit later.  The stories were clipped in chronological order during the panel and I think you’ll find them very entertaining.

WARNING:  These stories contain adult humor, so if you’re offended by that sort of thing you might want to turn away.  But if you didn’t already know that about Torchwood then you haven’t been paying attention.

Now, on to the tales of mischief on the Torchwood set:


This first story involves Eve Myles in rollers and a certain part of Barrowman’s anatomy.  The actors get so amused themselves that John Barrowman falls backward in his chair, which just makes them laugh even more.


“Eye See You”

Like the first, this one also involves a part of Barrowman’s body, and also like the first it involves a lot of laughing.  This is a story of how a prop from the show was used by John in a way no poor, little prop should ever have to endure.


“The Soapdish Incident”

Body parts seem to be a running theme with these guys.  This one involves a prosthetic part and John Barrowman’s inventive use of it.  It seems you can’t leave John Barrowman alone with a prop or trouble will follow.


If you’re a fan of Torchwood, check out Torchwood: Miracle Day playing on BBC America Saturday nights at 9/8c.

Torchwood: Miracle Day on BBC America

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