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Almost Human Mon Nov 4 8/7c


One of the most anticipated Fall shows, is Almost Human. From the creators and producers of Fringe and Star Trek, this is a sci-fi procedural fusion set thirty-five years into the future, where police officers are required to have highly evolved androids as partners. However, it seems maybe not all of the officers have accepted this arrangement.

Case in point, Detective John Kennex, played by Karl Urban. After surviving a catastrophic attack, causing him to lose a limb and seventeen months of his life, he somewhat reluctantly comes back to the force, all thanks to his boss, Sandra Maldanado (Lili Taylor). He promptly finds out he must be accompanied by a “synthetic”. Since most synthetic models are cold and calculating, which does not mesh well with Kennex’s personality, it doesn’t take long until he needs a replacement. Enter android model DRN, or Dorian (Michael Ealy), part of a now decommissioned line of androids who were deemed too glitchy, or as the technician Rudy Lom (Mackenzie Crook) believes, “too human”.

Brought back onto the force to work on a case who Maldonado suspects the main gang involved were the same ones who took Kennex’s partner and his team’s life and some would say part of his humanity, Detective Kennex is joined by Detectives Valerie Stahl (Minka Kelly) and Richard Paul (Michael Irby). One looks forward to what Detective Kennex can bring to the department while the other believes two wrongs won’t make a right. Only time will tell if Kennex and Dorian have what it takes.

What makes this show so interesting and different? Find out from the actors themselves in the latest video by FOX below, included in a playlist of all the juicy Almost Human videos, and don’t forget, to set your DVRs for Nov. 4th at 8pm on Fox!


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