Indie Music: Escape Velocity


This week’s indie band of choice is a punk rock band called Escape Velocity. With their debut EP released August 25th of this year, Escape Velocity is unique in one very significant way: They’ve never met in person. Colors In The Atmosphere is a completely “blind collaboration of writing in layers” and has resulted in some great, fast-paced punk rock music for you to enjoy. Escape Velocity’s instrumentals were recorded from March 11-15 with Kevin Gates at Kevin Gates Productions in Springfield, Missouri with vocals recorded June 16 by Chris Kalla at CK Audio Design in Tempe, Arizona and the complete album being mixed and mastered by Kevin Gates. Colors In The Atmosphere consists of five songs (Colors In The Atmosphere, Flash Of The Screen, Embers, July 31, By Degrees) and can be found and purchased on bandcamp, so have a listen and if you like what you hear, spend your monies!

Escape Velocity on BandCamp

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