Indie Music: Jimmie Deeghan

I suppose one of the first things I must do is apologize to all for my extended absence. The lazy-hazy days of summer took me away from my indie music writing and put me to work. As I’ve been busy, I’ve been forgetful, so I sincerely apologize for not writing these indie music write-ups for such a long time. On that note, I’ve got some more indie bands to bring to your attention, so turn up your speakers or grab your ear buds and hit the play button, because I’ve got some good ones to share!


It’s been a while since I’ve introduced any country musicians and though this artist has a folk vibe to the music, it is more country to me than not, so I thought I’d do this week’s write up about Jimmie Deeghan. Jimmie got his start playing guitar and writing songs as a teenager and has been non-stop touring, writing and recording ever since including working with four of his best friends in the band Every Avenue. With two EPs out, his latest – Cheap Therapy – was recorded with the assistance of some kickstarter funding. Currently participating in a songwriting contest for a chance to record with Don Was, Jimmie Deeghan has been keeping busy and could use your help to win the contest and get his music out there, so have a listen and if you like what you hear, check out the contest page (link) and some other links and buy some music!

Jimmie Deeghan Contest Page
Jimmie Deeghan on iTunes
Jimmie Deeghan on Facebook
Jimmie Deeghan on YouTube
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