The Core, the big bang and the big bad – a review of Buffy Season 9 the Core part 5

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So we are at the end of Buffy season 9, this series really has been an uneven one, starting out in my opinion far better then where season 8 left off, but then going downhill and sometimes up again from there. This review contains spoilers.

WRITTEN BY: Andrew Chambliss
PENCILS: Georges Jeanty
INKS: Karl Story
PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics
PRICE: $2.99
RELEASE: September 11th

Ok, this season has been having its ups and downs. It started out great but then it tried to introduce some new characters that really didn’t stick. It went off rail a bit, but in the last few issues it got pulled back together. And we do actually get an ending in this issue #25 but I find it a rather rushed one, as the big bad fight has been going on for a few issues now. I wish that this last issue had less fighting panels and more space for the actual story.

Simone was a bit pants as the big bad. She didn’t manage to kill Buffy, but I guess it wasn’t for lack of trying. Buffy squashes her as the annoying bug she was. The baby core grows big after Severin goes kablaam together with Illyria who is staying with him, keeping him calm. Magic is then restored somehow and Willow flies the gang to safety. Willow then manages to save Dawn, but Dawn herself says it was Xander’s love that saved her, which causes Xander to flake out with guilt of falling for Simone’s and Severin’s lies. Not so sure about Xander’s reaction as even if he did behave like an asshat towards Buffy, he did it out of love for Dawn. So…anyway…

The comic ends with Buffy and Willow finding that the book of Vampyr is empty! And they wonder what did they really do down below with creating a new magical core? At the same time we can see a girl turned vamp after being attacked by zompires, she fights them and then suddenly falls into a warm sunbeam and turns into a giant bat…uh-ohh!

So season 10 should be on its way. I really hope all the writers involved in Buffy season 9 and Angel and Faith really sit down and have a great big powwow about what worked and what didn’t. I think the 25 issue run was much better than the veeeeery long season 8, and it being split between 2 series worked well too. I enjoyed some of the mini series, others less. I think on the whole Angel and Faith was much more solid and steadily good. Whilst Buffy season 9 really has had its fair shares of ups and downs. So take stock, concentrate on the scoobies and do something great for season 10…oh and make Rebekah Isaacs do all the artwork mmmkay?