‘The Husband’ – A Dark Comedy Featuring Dylan Authors

By: Robert Prentice
the husband



Dylan is familiar to many of our readers as the frosty and eager to impress Jimmy Boland from Falling Skies. After being on the show for a full season, he was killed in season 2 at the hands of an alien skitter. Many of his fans were upset to see him go but his newest indie project pushes the limits of what he did as Jimmy, to much bigger heights.

The Husband is a dark comedy about a husband who must raise his infant son alone after his wife goes to jail for cheating on him with a 14 year old boy (Authors). This indie project will have its world premiere at TIFF this Monday Sept 9th in Canada. Be sure to check out the trailer below and watch the premiere at TIFF.


Henry, the hero of Bruce McDonald’s gutsy The Husband, is having a really bad year. His wife, Alyssa, a former teacher, is in jail for sleeping with a fourteen-year-old student, leaving Henry to raise their infant son alone. He loathes his ad agency job — and his co-workers even more. Moreover, the burden of single-parenting has essentially cut Henry off from his friends, leaving him to stew. Henry has kept a lid on things so far, but as Alyssa’s release looms, he finds it increasingly difficult to contain himself.

Directed by Bruce McDonald and written by Kelly Harms and Maxwell McCabe-Lokos. TIFF Listing Page.

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