The Walking Dead to Launch Season 4 Webisodes October 1st

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They’ve done it two years prior with great success so it comes as no surprise that AMC will be bringing back their very popular webisodes again this year.  In this season 4 companion webseries, which will consist of three 7-10 minute long episodes, we follow a pair of survivors of a huge walker attack.

In the three webisodes (7 to 10 minutes each), the lone survivors of a massive walker-attack, Paul (Wyatt Russell, Cowboys and Aliens) and Karina (Ashley Bell, The Last Exorcism), speed across the countryside, frantically searching for an aid-station, as one of them slowly bleeds out from a wound. Finally coming upon a hospital that has not been overrun at first feels like a blessing, but could soon turn to misfortune, as a seemingly benevolent doctor (Ellen Greene,Little Shop of Horrors) may hide a darker agenda.

Right on the heels of directing Season 4′s premiere episode, Greg Nicotero focused his sights on the most ambitious The Walking Dead webisode series yet. “There’s walkers, gore and new threats lurking around every turn — all the elements that fans The Walking Dead will love!”

The previous two seasons of’s The Walking Dead webisodes have won back-to-back WGA, Streamy and Webby awards. The webisodes are produced by Alloy Digital/Generate with Chris Pollack, Jared Hoffman, Greg Nicotero and Michael Petok serving as executive producers.

You can read AMC’s full article by clicking on The Walking Dead Season 4 Webisodes Launch October 1 on

If you’ve missed the earlier webisodes from seasons two and three, you can watch them straight from AMC’s YouTube channel embedded below.  This playlist includes last season’s 4-episode series Cold Storage, season two’s 6-episode series Torn Apart, and a motion comic version of the beginning of Kirkman’s The Walking Dead graphic novel.

Remember: The Walking Dead returns Sunday, October 13 at 9/8c only on AMC.

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