Falling Skies Adds Scarlett Byrne as Season 4 Regular

By: Robert Prentice
Falling Skies


In the recently released season 4 trailer, a mystery girl appeared at the end with white hair and starring up at the moon. While her characters exact origins are still a mystery, the actress playing her is not. Scarlett Byrne is the actress who will be taking on the role of said mystery girl. According to TNT and deadline, the former Harry Potter star will play a “mysterious young woman with special powers and an unusual connection to the alien invaders.” According to BWH Agency, which represents Scarlett revealed on twitter today that that she would be playing Lexi, Tom and Anne’s daughter. What does that mean for Lexi?


Many new mysteries are promised for season 4 and Mrs. Byrne is one of several roles that have been cast and revealed in recent months including a few more below. Be sure to re-watch the trailer and checkout the other casting news for season 4.

Mira Sorvino – Recurring role as a potential love interest for Pope

Treva Etienne – Major Recurring role in 2nd mass (Terminator Salvation alum)

Unknown Actress – Mira, a young East Indian girl brainwashed by the Espheni and a friend to Matt

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