Got A Smartphone & Ten Bucks? Make A Microscope!

Image courtesy Instructables member Yoshinok

Practically all of the cool things you can do with today’s multi-talented smartphones involve downloading an app.  “There’s an app for that!” is practically a cliche’, even if it’s true most of the time.  But apps are limited by the phone’s physical limitations, so no matter how good the camera may be you just can’t turn it into a microscope with an app.

If you’ve got a spare ten dollars, some very basic tools, and a little spare time you can turn your phone into a surprisingly good microscope.  Instructables member Yoshinok has posted an article showing how anyone can make a microscope out of a smartphone.

My favorite part about this “hack” is that it can be used with any camera phone and doesn’t require any direct modification to the phone itself.  So don’t worry about having to drill holes in your phone and void the warranty.


Pretty cool, huh?  This is a project anyone can do with tools most people have around the house.  For the full article that includes a detailed parts list, step-by-step instructions, and several really cool pictures click here to read the entire Instructables post.

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