Grimm Review – The Ungrateful Dead

After a few scenes from the last episode – Renard following his brother Eric to the container yard; Monroe, Rosalee, and Juliette getting in the truck to try to escape the zombies; Nick and the Baron fighting until the Baron spits the venom on him and knocks him unconscious; Eric showing up to check on Nick – Zombie night in Portland night continues…

Renard makes his way into the Baron’s container, then watches as they load Nick’s body into a black van. He then sees the Baron get into the van after telling Eric that they’d have Nick in the air soon, and Eric drives off in another car. Then the zombies find Renard, and he begins fighting them. He gets overwhelmed as a human, so he voges into a Hexenbiest to beat them off.

Meanwhile, Monroe is driving like a wildman through the containers, trying to avoid the zombies, but they just keep coming. Monroe takes a wrong turn and ends up getting the truck stuck on a construction area, so the three have no choice but to get out and find higher ground. They find a large piece of equipment – a container mover – and climb up it to get to the top of a container. Unfortunately, the zombies can climb, too, leaving Juliette, Rosalee and Monroe no choice but to knock them off the container. They start to get overwhelmed again, so Juliette calls Hank for help. Then Monroe voges to get the extra strength he needs to get more of the zombies away from them.

Hank and Sgt. Wu are back at the precinct, where nothing has happened since they drugged and moved all the zombies they’d caught earlier. Hank is just about to sit down to do paperwork when he receives Juliette’s call, and he immediately gets all available officers into action, sending everyone to the container yards as he and Sgt. Wu head there themselves.

The Portland PD calvary arrives just in time and begins getting the zombies into one large container. Juliette shouts to Hank that they still don’t know where Nick is, so Hank calls Nick’s phone – which starts ringing where Renard is still fighting off zombies. He deals with the last of them, then answers the phone. Hank asks if Nick is with Renard, and he tells Hank that Eric has him and asks where Hank is. Hank tells him that he’s in the container yard, and Renard makes his way to the group in his SUV. Once there he quickly explains that his brother has Nick and is going to try to get him out of the country, and they have to get to the airport. At the airport, the Baron’s henchmen are loading the coffin containing Nick into a small private plane.

Grimm - Season 3

As Hank, Juliette, Monroe and Rosalee head to the airport with Renard, he explains that he believes the Baron has put Nick into the same deathlike state as the others so that Nick can be shipped out of the country – they have the correct paperwork, so no questions will be asked. It’s now clear that the zombie rampage was meant to distract them while they got what they really wanted – Nick. Rosalee then tells them that she doesn’t think Nick will react to the Baron’s poison like the regular humans, because he’s a Grimm.

Hank calls the airport police and asks them to stop the black van and keep the plane from taking off. However, when the police arrive, the Baron quickly puts them into the zombie sleep, too. By the time the group arrives, the plane is taking off – and now that it’s in the air, there’s no way to stop it. Juliette slaps Renard, telling him that as this is his family’s fault, she expects him to fix it. He says that he’ll do everything in his power to keep his family away from Nick – the next step is to get the plane’s flight plan from the FAA. Sgt.Wu then calls Hank and tells him that most of the zombies are contained, and Hank says someone will be there soon with the antidote. He asks Rosalee if her potion really works, and she tells him yes – he replies that she’s going to need to make a lot more.

On the plane, Baron Samedi seems surprised that Nick is already beating on the locked coffin. He gets up and watches as Nick explodes out of the coffin, quickly spitting more poison in his face. Nick seems to fall asleep for a moment, but then he’s up and beating on the Baron. The co-pilot opens the cockpit door to ask what’s going on, and Nick turns to beat on him. The fight moves into the cockpit itself, and the pilot begins losing control of the plane. The Baron attempts to control Nick by telling him that he’s his master, but it doesn’t work. The plane crashes.

Over in Europe, Stefania takes Frau Pech’s still-beating heart from her chest and puts it into a special box, then seals it with red wax. Next she has Adalind brought to her, and she tells her that the next step is for Adalind to cut off Frau Pech’s feet and hands and pluck out her eyes. Adalind is clearly unthrilled but gets down to business. Once she’s finished, Frau’s body parts and a strange-looking device are brought as the four go for a walk in the woods. Once there, Stefania takes the top part off the box containing Frau’s heart and throws it into the air. After a moment, it lands in a field of orange flowers, and Stefania tells Adalind that’s where she has to dig.

Grimm - Season 3

Back at the spice shop, Rosalee, Juliette and Monroe are working on the antidote, but Rosalee is worried about getting it to everyone – there’s just no way for them to give that many shots, plus some of the people might die before they get the potion. When Monroe breaks a bottle – the contents of which begin to waft through the air – it hits Rosalee that an inhalant is the perfect solution. Luckily, Juliette knows how to turn a liquid into an gas.

Renard and Hank are back at the precinct. Renard calls his contact in Europe and tells him what happened in Portland – and then tells him that it’s time his brother was ‘dealt with’ and tells him to take care of it by giving it to Misner. The contact is shocked, but Renard tells him that it has to be done because Eric has gone too far this time. After he finishes the call, Hank walks into Renard’s office and tells him that the flight manifest shows that it’s a direct flight to Vienna, and Eric isn’t on the plane – only the Baron and Nick are. However, attempts to reach the plane have gone unanswered. Renard tells Hank that his brother will be dealt with, but Hank tells him that someone has to get Nick. Renard gets back on the phone to try to set details of ‘dealing with’ his brother when Hank gets a call – Nick’s plane has gone down.

At the scene of the plane crash, the bodies of the Baron and one of the pilots are lying in the wreckage, but one of the pilots tries to crawl out… until Nick crawls out on top of him. Nick then heads through the woods to where he finds a bar. He starts to hear voices and goes into the bar, where he proceeds to beat up everyone who stays inside, terrorizing all the patrons in the process.

Grimm - Season 3

Back in the container yard, Sgt. Wu and the other officers are rounding up the last of the zombies when Juliette, Rosalee and Monroe return with the treatment. They explain how it’ll work, but the officers really don’t want to open the container again. Monroe takes a large metal rod from one of the officers and starts banging at the other end of the container to distract the zombies while the officers open it and Juliette and Rosalee throw the treatment ‘bombs.’ The door is locked again and they wait until they don’t hear the moaning and yelling of the zombies any longer. They open the container to find the people back to normal, but very confused as they don’t remember what happened. Then Hank calls Monroe to tell him the bad news, but Juliette insists Monroe put the call on speaker. Hank tells them all that the plane went down, and they don’t know anything else. Juliette asks where, and tells Hank she’s going to come.

Renard and Hank arrive first and speak with the paramedics. The pilot and co-pilot survived, but they have one dead body. It turns out to be the Baron. The two find the false passport that was made for Nick and the coffin that he punched through. It quickly becomes obvious that Nick is very strong, and Renard asks Hank to have Dispatch contact them about any 911 calls in the area.

Juliette, Monroe and Rosalee arrive at the crash site and learn from Renard and Hank that Nick likely survived the crash, but he’s definitely reacting strangely to the Baron’s poison. Just then, Hank gets a call about a fight at a bar about two miles away. At the bar, most people are either knocked out or have left, but the owner has been hiding behind the bar with his shotgun. As he tries to head out the door, Nick grabs him and the gun goes off, hitting the back of the bar. The owner leaves – and leaves his gun in Nick’s hands. Nick then gets a glimpse of himself in a mirror – and throws the gun at the mirror, breaking it.  Hank, Renard, Monroe, Rosalee and Juliette arrive at the bar, meeting the owner as he stumbles outside. Monroe and Rosalee confirm that they can smell Nick’s scent – but it’s different somehow, changed – and they don’t know what it means. Monroe goes with Hank and Renard into the bar, where Monroe attempts to follow Nick’s scent trail. It leads out the back into the woods again, and Hank joins Monroe as they attempt to follow.

Adalind has finally finished digging the hole, and Stefania now instructs her to put the body parts as well as the box containing the heart into the hole and bury them. Once that’s done, Stefania tells Adalind to stand and that if she’s been accepted, they will soon see. Nothing happens immediately, but then the flowers around them die and an eerie ghostlike spirit comes from the ground to enter Adalind. Stefania tells her that she has been accepted – and now she has to gather all the dead flowers.

Officers arrive at the bar, responding to the 911 call, and Renard shows them his badge and tells them that the suspect has fled and they need to cordon off the area. He then tells Juliette and Rosalee that they need to find Nick soon – if he kills someone, there’s no coming back.

Monroe and Hank continue to track Nick in the woods while Nick is hearing more and more voices. He comes out of the woods and sees a house where a family is going in for the night. And then on the screen: THIS AIN’T OVER YET.

 Grimm - Season 3

ARRRRGHHH! How can they keep giving us cliffhangers?! Dear Grimm writers and producers, I love you and your work, but STOP IT YOU MEANIES.

Poor Nick. To say he’s having a bad night is a serious understatement – and it’s not over yet. It’s apparent that some of his Grimm powers are working while he’s not himself – the sensitive hearing, the strength, the fighting skills – and in fact, it seems as though they’ve been enhanced by his transformation into a zombie. He’s very dangerous, and the way he was looking at that family at the end was downright scary. Here’s hoping the gang can stop him before he hurts them or anyone else. Kudos to David Giuntoli – it couldn’t have been easy to do nothing but stumble around, groan and do a ton of fighting scenes, yet still try to express some emotion to prove that Nick’s in there somewhere.

So will Renard really have his brother killed? He seems serious about it, but considering all the machinations the Royals get up to, it’ll be interesting to find out if assination succeeds. If it does, surely it’ll be obvious who was behind it – which will put Renard and Portland in even more danger. If it doesn’t, Eric will no doubt figure it out quickly and again, there will be more danger for Renard and Portland. There doesn’t seem any way for this situation to be at all positive.

Oh, Adalind. Selling your unborn infant, being accessory to the murder of someone who tried to help you, and now taking part in what seems like a black magic spell – you may get your powers back, but at what cost? Now that she’s been ‘accepted’ – and by who or what? – what will happen next? How soon will she be back to her Hexenbiest self, and heading back to Portland to take on Nick? Hopefully it’ll be a while yet, as Nick isn’t really up to dealing with her at the moment. Also, will either Renard or Eric ever find out about this? Renard knows of the rumor, but nothing more.

It was so great to see Juliette working with – and definitely contributing – to the Grimm gang. She’s been off dealing with her own issues for too long! Tt’ll be interesting to see how things go as she continues to learn about the Wesen and Grimm world, not to mention how that will affect her relationship with Nick, which is still delicate.

The season premiere of Grimm was excellent, and I can’t wait to see what happens to Zombie!Nick next! How about you?

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