New Grimm Webisodes Plus Season 3 Sneak Peek!

Are you as excited as I am that Grimm is back in less than 2 weeks??? I bet you are! To ease us back into Grimm – or just ramp up our excitement?? – there are new webisodes available that you don’t want to miss. These webisodes tell us what Sgt. Wu and Bud were dealing with while Nick, Juliette, Monroe and Rosalee were busy with the zombie horde in the shipyards.  The first two webisodes of “Meltdown” are posted below, and the nxtl one will be available HERE next Friday the 19th.

Bonus – Season 3 preview! It’s only 21 seconds but… WHOA!

So what do YOU think? Leave a comment about what you think of the webisodes and/or what you’re the most excited to see in Season 3! See you back here in about two weeks!

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