Not All Who Wander…Once Upon a Time Episode Review “Lost Girl”


Once Upon a Time delivered a stunning and dynamic episode this Sunday with the new episode “Lost Girl.” I’m assuming by now everyone has seen the episode so I’ll be forgoing a recap in favor of a straight review this week.

A lot more family tension continues between Prince Charming, Emma, and Snow White. Not helped along by the fact that Emma seems unable to admit she is the Savior with a big S. All of a sudden (or so it seems to this writer) Snow White is all concerned that Emma refuses to call her “Mom”, favoring Mary Margaret, unless they are in mortal peril. Guess what Snow, you and Emma are the same age. It’s weird to call you mom even if it is a technically accurate appellation.

For lack of a better question, why is everyone such an idiot about Neverland in this episode except Emma? Seriously everybody (especially Prince Charming), Hook has BEEN TO NEVERLAND BEFORE. HE LIVED THERE for like centuries. Maybe he knows a little more about the dangers of this land and how to avoid them you trigger happy do-gooders. Regina isn’t much better, burning and.or turning to wood anything that doesn’t please her.

The level of talent that continues to be delivered by the younger members of the cast is always impressive. Robbie Kay continues his commanding performance as Peter Pan. And Jared Gilmore has always been great as Henry. I only hope we can continue to see more of Dylan Ray Schmid as a young Baelfire. He did spend time in Neverland…

I do have a bone to pick with some of the Enchanted Forest flashbacks this week, something that has been bugging me for THREE SEASONS: I’m still annoyed by the supposed moral superiority of Snow White and Prince Charming. Seriously, we’ve seen you kill people like King George’s or Regina’s guards. Your armies fought battles. And every other week you claim you’ve never killed anybody on purpose. Do guards and soldiers not count because they don’t get names? Red Shirt treatment?

All in all this was a sensational episode. We got to see more of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys, explored Neverland, and saw some Enchanted Forest history. Next week we meet Tinker Bell, and learn her history with Regina.

Also I do like how I called this episode stunning and dynamic, but mostly complained about it. But oh well, that’s my personality.

See you all next week where I am sure to complain about Tinker Bell!

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