Supernatural – Devil May Care

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Air Date: 10-15-2013

Devil May Care 1

Welcome back my fellow Supernatural fans.  I can’t believe that we are on our 2nd week of our favorite show and tonight’s episode was pretty good.

One can’t jump back into hunting without catching the brother who was in a coma up on what has been happening and the Winchesters are no exception.  When Dean lets Sam know that Cas is without wings and somewhere in Colorado Sam is a bit concerned, but Dean assures him that he will make the road trip back to the bunker and if things get harry Cas knows their phone number.   After the Cas news Dean surprises Sam by telling him Crowley is still alive and in the trunk of the Impala.  Dean has kept him alive for information.

The boys bring Crowley back to the bunker where Kevin is hiding out.  He is none too happy about the fact that the king of hell is in his vicinity.  Dean and Sam lock Crowley in a room he is unable to escape from and tells Kevin to stay away from him, but promises that once he has broken they will hold him down and Kevin can take care of his tormentor.

Meanwhile some chump has resurrected Abaddon, A knight of Hell the boys have tangled with before, and she has a plan to take over Hell.  She is sure that Crowley is dead and believes that it is time for the demons to rise up and make humans and angels alike bow to her feet.  The first part of her plan is for her demon followers to become military personal.  The next is for them to start torturing hunters to gather information about and then to draw out the Winchesters.

After getting onto the crime scene the boys discover that Abaddon is back and neither of them are pleased with this notion.

Abaddon gets one of Dean’s phone numbers from a hunter she has tortured, but when she calls it Kevin answers.  He doesn’t identify himself, but she gives him a message to pass along to the Winchesters.  She tells him she has two Hunters and if they don’t come save them then she will kill them.  One of the Hunters, Irv, the boys know and the other, Tracy, they have never met.  The boys plan on walking into the trap guns a blazing, but also gives Kevin a task to research how to kill a Knight of Hell.

Devil May Care 3

When Kevin goes into the research room Crowley begins to call to him and Kevin can’t pass up the chance to confront the demon who killed his mom.  Crowley provokes the kid and Kevin dishes out a little payback with his fits.  When Crowley has him at his most vulnerable he reveals that Kevin’s mom isn’t really dead and that the Winchester boys don’t really care about him or his mom.  Then he proposes that if Kevin helps him escape he will release his mom.

Abaddon allows the boys to rescue their fellow hunters and after they split into two groups, Sam and Irv and Dean and Tracy, she and her lackeys pounce.  The new military demon’s shoot Irv and draw Sam into a building and the three of them proceed to beat the tar out of him.  Abaddon jumps Dean and Tracy and when Tracy gets away (to go to the Impala for more weapons) she gets Dean into a hold he can’t escape.  She threatens that if he doesn’t give her Crowley, or what is left of him, she will peel off his tattoo, that prevents possession, and make him to heinous things she knows he can’t live with.  In the building Sam gets knocked unconscious and Ezekiel, living up to his promise to protect Sam, awakens and takes down the demons.  This scares Abaddon off for now.

Ezekiel and Dean have a heart to heart where Dean is doubting that he is doing the right thing, by letting Ezekiel posses Sam.  Ezekiel tries to assure Dean he is, and when Sam comes too he is impressed that Dean took out three demons with the knife.

When they arrive back to the bunker Kevin is nowhere in sight and when they go to check on Crowley he is still there and provides them with two demon names.  He says that they will have a give and take kind of arrangement and tells them that Kevin has become his new toy.  Dean goes and finds Kevin who is about ready to leave.  He tells Dean about his mom and Dean tells him that Crowley is lying and if he isn’t then she is dead in every way that counts if she isn’t physically dead.  He tells Kevin that the safest place for him with all the demons and angels running around is the bunker and that they need him.  When Kevin states that they only want him around because he is helpful Dean opens up to him and tells Kevin that he is family and that right now He, Dean, Cas and Sam are all that each other have.  This convinces Kevin to stay.

The show closes with a Winchester talk and Sam admitting that he hasn’t felt as good and at peace with his life in forever.  A small smile plays on Dean’s lips.  Perhaps Dean is beginning to think that Ezekiel’s presence id a good thing.

Well until next week all be safe and happy.

This week’s favored Supernatural Quotes: 

“He’s the junk in my trunk.”  Dean to Sam about Crowley in the trunk of the Impala.

“Cuz you’re a crappy shot,  Katniss.”  Dean to Kevin when he shot the crossbow.

“Cuz I’m Kevin freaking Solo that’s how.”  Kevin to the Military woman on the phone.

Jennifer Rux