Supernatural – I Think I’m Gonna Like It Here Recap/Review

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Air Date: 10-8-2013

Hello to all my fellow Winchester fans.  I can’t believe that tonight, finally, our show has returned to us.  It has been a long summer, but finally the night has come and I for one don’t think the writers and actors let us down.  From the opening credit with the great song and wonderful recap of last season to the end of the show that just left me eager for next week the episode was a great season premier.

So we last left the Winchester’s outside of the church as angels fell from Heaven.  Many of us were left  worried about Sam and wondering how the falling is going to affect the world.  This week we have a moment where we thought that perhaps Sam was okay.  I mean he and Dean were in the Impala and he was rearing to go until Dean tells him that he is a problem.

I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here

Once again we find one of our Winchester’s in the hospital and in a similar manner to Bobby he is surviving in his mind.  Dean is with him and he is working as the part of Sam that wants to fight and live and after Dean convinces Sammy that he is indeed dying he assures him that he is working on a plan to defy death .

Meanwhile in the real world the real Dean learns that Sam’s organs are burning from the inside and the coma is the body’s way of coping.  However the prognosis is grim.  The doctor actually tells Dean that Sam’s fate is in God’s hands.  This sets Dean off and he tears the doctor a new one letting him know that wasn’t an acceptable answer. After the altercation Dean finds himself in the hospital chapel praying to Cas, who doesn’t answer his prayers.  Finally the desperation in Dean becomes so overwhelming that he extends his prayers to any angel that can hear him.

Cas can’t hear Dean’s prayers because Metatron has taken his Grace and dropped him to a rural mountain location.  After making his way to people and learning  he really is human he meets a fellow angel named Hael.  She is scared and confused without a clue on what happens next.

I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here 2


Back in Sam’s noggin’ Bobby shows up.  I have to admit my heart was beaming with happiness at the sight of him, that was until I found out what part of Sam he represented.  He is there to represent the part of Sam that wants to die…the part that Sam thinks is logical.  Bobby and Dean bicker, as only those two can, and Bobby convinces Sam to ditch Dean and they find themselves in a forest.   Bobby is filling Sam with “good” reasons why it is okay to die, and tells him that he will be leaving a legacy behind and that is something to allow him to be okay with death.  They arrive at a cabin and Sam is ready to go in and met his fate.

Dean’s prayers have been answered, but not in the way he had thought they would be.  He is confronted by a very pissed off angel who wants Castiel’s head.  Dean is barely holding his own against his foe when another man shows up, guest star Tahmoh Penikett, and comes to his.   He is another angel named Ezekiel who still believes in his mission and believes in Castiel.  So he says, but as we can see with Hael some of the angels are very desperate.  He offers his services to Dean and promises to heal Sam.

I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here 3

This man was injured in the fall and the fight with his brother has weakened him even more.  Sam is in bad shape and he fears he isn’t able to heal him.  Dean fights off more attacking angels and after Ezekiel shows him that Sam was sitting down with Death in the cabin he agrees to something that I personally never thought he would agree to.  He agreed to allow Ezekiel to possess Sam.  Doing this the angel would be able to heal Sam from the inside as well as heal himself in the process.  Once Dean agrees Ezekiel takes on Dean’s form and convinces Sam to fight which allows him to posses him.

Hael has kidnapped Cas after he told her he was leaving to help out other friends and that she couldn’t go with him.  She believes that he owes her because he is the reason the angels have fallen.  She confesses her plan that they will go to the Grand Canyon and then she will show him what she is capable of when they become one.  She knows his vessel is strong and hers won’t hold her for long.  Cas, who has been on earth for some time now, puts on his seatbelt and pulls the steering wheel from Hael’s hand.  They crash into a tree and her body goes through the windshield leaving her out of commission.  Cas tells her that he doesn’t want to hurt her or any of them.  He tells her he wants to help and that he is still one of them.  She scoffs at him and continues to lay blame.  She threatens to go onto angle radio and tell them all where he is and without another choice he kills her with her own angel blade.

The shows closes with Sam waking up and has no memory of being in the hospital.  Ezekiel, true to his word, has taken that memory from him and has hidden himself from Sam.  Sam is tired, but overall feeling okay and is ready to get back into work.

Again I need to say that I loved this episode.  I am really questioning if Ezekiel is being sincere, but Cas did seem to think he was on their side so perhaps I should trust him.  I just don’t know.  However I am so looking forward to finding out what the rest of the season will bring us.

My favorite quote from tonight’s episode: “There ain’t no me…if there ain’t no you.” This is when Dean was encouraging Sam to fight.

Well until next week my Wayward family….be safe and happy.

Jennifer Rux