Supernatural – I’m No Angel

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Air Date: 10-22-2013

It appears that the angles aren’t going to let Cas go.  They are even questioning priests on his whereabouts and it appears even murders them when they don’t give them what they want.  Cas is traveling toward the bunker using the name Clarence (and as a friend pointed out to me, before Sam said it, that is what Meg called him) and taking odd jobs along the way.  He is trying to get use to being human having to eat, brush his teeth and even urinate.  Just before he moves on he finds the murdered priests and knows that the angels aren’t far behind.

I'm No Angel 1

Tea?  Really Dean I think you are becoming complacent living in the bunker, but it kind of works for you. After pouring himself a cup of tea Dean searches for Sammy who just comes in from a run.  Dean is concerned about that and when Sam asks why he begins listing off his concerns.  First of them is his concern for Cas who still hasn’t shown up even though it has been days since they told him to head to the bunker.  The next being Sam himself, but as he began to talk about Sam; Ezekiel emerges telling Dean that Sam really is feeling better.  It is a slow healing process but it is working.  He also tells him about an angel faction, he learned about on angle radio, that is forming and they are the ones hunting Castiel.   When Sam is Sam again he continues to talk about Cas pointing out that he is human and it will take him longer to travel.

There’s a new sheriff in town.  Naomi is a thing of the past and now Bartholomew  is in charge.  He has convince Reverend Buddy Boyle, a TV evangelist,  that he is working for God and has come to earth to seek out those willing to do God’s bidding and host an angel.  When a young woman comes to accept her calling she is boiled from the inside out and explodes.  The Rev is shocked and confused and Bartholomew simply tells him that not all who are willing can handle heaven’s grace.

I'm No Angel 2

After an angle, dressed in a pharmacist meat suit, catches up with him and tries to kill him Cas takes his last bit of money and gets a warding spell tattooed to his stomach.  This angers Bartholomew because now they can’t track him and this puts a dent in his plan.  So he hires Reapers to go after Cas and one of them he even sends after the Winchesters in hopes that they lead him right to Cas.

Out of money and with nowhere to turn Cas heads to a church where he has a comforting conversation with a woman who was praying for her husband’s health to return.  Cas tries to convince her that there is no one listening and she tells him it didn’t matter what he said because she had her faith and nothing could shake it.  She told Cas that someone is always listening.  After this heart to heart Cas meets a cute red-head named April Kelly. She gives him her PB&J when he had no food and then when she found him sitting outside in the rain after her shift at work she brought him home.  She patched him up, had a sweet talk with him about his troubles and then seduces him.  Cas rather enjoys his roll in the hay but the next day he finds out April is a meat suit for a Reaper out for his head.  She proceeds to torture our poor Cas and gets the events that happened with Metatron out of him.

Meanwhile the boys take down the Reaper on their trail and before they end him they torture the truth about Bartholomew and how he has Reapers out for Cas.  Dean then recruits Ezekiel who is able to track the one of the reapers after Cas and it leads them to April’s apartment.

I'm No Angel 3

The Winchesters, well Dean and Ezekiel as Sam, arrive just in time to watch April stab their friend with the angel blade.  Dean and Ezekiel take the Reaper out and Dean is quite upset when Cas doesn’t wake up.  Ezekiel steps up and resurrects him.  This takes a lot out of the angel who is trying to heal not only himself but Sam and he falls back allowing Sam to return.  Both Sam and Cas are confused because Sam doesn’t remember getting there and Cas because he knows he was stabbed and should be dead.  Dean has to think quick on his feet and tells Sam he was knocked out and Cas that he told the Reaper he wouldn’t off her if she brought him back and she brought him back.

Back at the bunker Cas is happy to have a place to stay and Dean is happy to have him back, but Ezekiel tells him Cas can’t stay and if Dean allows him to he will vacate Sam’s body and they both know Sam isn’t strong enough to survive without him just yet.  In a shocking ending Dean chooses Sam over Cas and tells Cas he can’t stay.

Okay I know I said it was as shocking ending but really I guess it wasn’t.  Dean has always chosen Sam, but I just don’t understand how he could put Cas out in the cold like that.  I found this episode to be awesome despite the fact that it revolved more around Cas than the Winchesters.  I can’t reiterate enough how excited I am to see where Season 9 takes us.

Until Next Week be safe and happy!

Favorite quotes of the week:

“Why don’t you go and check your E-mail.”  Dean to Ezekiel

“What Sheep?”  Cas to himself after being told to count sheep to fall asleep.

“Did you have protection?”  Dean to Cas when he found out that he had sex with April.  “I had my angel blade.”  Cas in reply.

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