The Walking Dead 403 “Isolation” Review – Road Kill

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Picking up at the site of the freshly burned bodies, we see a side of Tyreese that’s pretty frightening.  He’s angrier than we’ve ever seen him, but for good reason.  He flies into a rage and starts attacking Daryl, then Rick, but Rick fights back and has to be stopped by Daryl.

Not that he’s an unreasonable fellow, but you know the world’s gone to crap when Daryl is the voice of reason in a crowd that includes Tyreese and Rick.  I suppose with Rick’s recent mental issues it shouldn’t be all that unexpected, but the anger Tyreese is showing is a surprise, even if it is understandable.

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Everyone in cell block D, where Patrick went on his biting spree, has the virus along with several others.  Needing medicines to fight the symptoms so that sufferers have a chance of surviving, Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese, and StrangeBob SuspiciousPants go on a supply run.  Their destination is a veterinary college that Hershel thinks might have been overlooked by scavengers, but it’s 50 miles away so it’s a seriously long trip.

As they’re traveling along, Daryl turns on the radio and they hear a weak transmission which pretty much freaks them out.  What freaked them out more was when they finally decided to start watching the road and start slamming into walker after walker.  A view down the road shows hundreds of undead hanging around, but headed their way.

Why were so many walkers gathered in a crowd?  It was like Deadstock out there.

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The only way out is to back up, but eventually Daryl creates a 10 zombie pile-up on Highway Hell and gets the rear wheels bogged down in innards.  They have no choice but to run, fighting their way out as they go.  Tyreese takes his sweet time getting out of the car, probably because he’s been so traumatized over the last couple of days.

Since he’s last out, Tyreese has a larger contingent of rotters to deal with than the others, who’ve made it farther from the car.  Just when it looks like Tyreese is losing the battle of “Hammer vs Zombies” the other three…run like hell?

Say what?

Look, I know there were hundreds of walkers descending upon the group, but there weren’t that many between Tyreese and the others.  They could’ve saved his stressed ass with a little effort, but instead they leave him as a distraction.  That’s the kind of crap I’d expect the Governor to pull, not Daryl and Michonne.

Luckily, and no thanks to his friends, Tyreese makes it out alive and catches up with the others.  I hope he hammers them all in the head while they sleep.  They deserve it.

I haven’t been terribly impressed by this season, even though it seems most reviewers and viewers are eating it up with a spoon.  I’ve read praise for the character development, and that’s valid, but it’s moments like this that make me hate the show.  Unless someone was already being eaten alive I would’ve never believed Daryl and Michonne would leave them.  Never.

And didn’t I say in my last review that Carol has gone over the line?  Yes I did.  If you need more proof, how about this week’s admission to Rick that she was responsible for killing and burning the two sick people.  I don’t trust Carol any more.  I don’t like Carol any more.  Carol needs to go.

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True to the episode’s title, everyone is facing isolation in one form or another.  The sick are being isolated from the healthy to try and stop the spread of the disease.  With Glenn and Sasha showing symptoms, they’re isolated from Maggie and Tyreese.  Then there’s Tyreese having to pull triple duty being isolated from his ailing sister, his dead girlfriend, and now isolated from the prison group on the supply run.

This season has been praised by others for giving us good character moments.  Character development and interaction are crucial to a good story, but inconsistencies like Daryl and Michonne leaving Tyreese to fend for himself just ruin the episode for me.  So far, the prison is just another farm, but with slightly more interesting conversations.  And the flu.  Yawn.

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Oh, and does anybody know how to COVER THEIR MOUTH WHEN THEY COUGH?!!  You’d think a doctor would know better.  Yeah, I hope he dies, too.

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