BBC America’s 4 ‘Exclusive Extended’ Inside Looks at “The Day of the Doctor”

Image courtesy BBC

When watching The Day of the Doctor it was easy to tell that David Tennant and Matt Smith really got along on set.  That fact is made especially clear when you watch these four inside looks from BBC America.  Check out the exclusive extended videos from the 50th Anniversary Special right here.

While the two younger Doctors may have enjoyed working together, in this first video they express their appreciation for veteran actor John Hurt.  Or as they call him, “J Hurt.”  Kinda sounds like a clothing store.


Here they talk about working together and what it’s like to have multiple versions of the same character on the screen at the same time.  There are a lot of great clips from the show and some fun behind-the-scenes banter between Smith and Tennant.  I’d love to see these two do a completely different show together just for fun.


This video covers what it’s like to play the Doctor and how the character is really the same, but with minor character quirks added by each actor as they take over the role.


How about that Trafalgar Square scene with the TARDIS being airlifted via helicopter?  That was a fun scene to watch and it turns out it was fun to film for the actors.


Doctor Who returns on Christmas day!

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