BBC America’s “Doctor Who Takeover Week” Gets A Trailer

Image courtesy BBC America

Remember the other day when we posted the schedule for BBC America’s week-long Doctor Who takeover?  Wait…you don’t?  Bad Ood!  Bad!  Well, get thee over to “BBC America Gets A Week-Long Doctor Who Takeover” and come to the joyous and inescapable conclusion that your entire week has been booked courtesy of BBC America.  Or, as the Daleks might put it: PREDOMINATE!

If it ain’t blue and it ain’t Who, it ain’t on the menu, bub.  Not this week.

Schedules are great.  Really.  But what puts the cherry on top of this Seven Day Sundae is having a fun and exciting trailer to get your two hearts beating in anticipation.

Prepare for a DOCTOR WHO Takeover! BBC AMERICA celebrates DOCTOR WHO’s 50th Anniversary with a full week of DOCTOR WHO Specials, Movies, Marathons, Live events… and, of course, the DOCTOR WHO 50th Anniversary Episode, “The Day of The Doctor.” *** Starts MONDAY NOV 18 only on BBC AMERICA ***

Part of DOCTOR WHO Takeover Week, leading into the 50th Anniversary Special “The Day of The Doctor” *** SAT NOVEMBER 23 at 2:50pm ET *** on BBC AMERICA. #SaveTheDay

The BBC America Doctor Who Takeover Week starts bright and early the morning of Monday, November 18 and runs non-stop, much like the Doctor’s mouth, through the evening of Sunday, November 14.  For the detailed schedule click HERE.

The Day of the Doctor airs November 23rd and don’t forget to #SaveTheDay!

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