Even More Images From “The Day of the Doctor” Revealed

Image courtesy BBC America

This really is Doctor Who Takeover Week.  Clips, pictures, news, and other related videos are popping up everywhere.  This time, it’s a second generous helping of images from The Day of the Doctor.

This gallery contains twenty seven images.  Some of them are minor variations on images you may have seen before, but they’re all exciting.  For our first gallery of images, click on New Image Gallery From “Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor” then come back to see the rest.

Since there’s gobs of goodies coming out about the 50th, you really should keep tabs on our Doctor Who section.  Doing so is very easy, see below.

Just click here to see the Three If By Space ‘Doctor Who’ section.


And now for gallery #2:

If you’re not watching BBC America’s Doctor Who Takeover Week, you’re missing out.  It’s going on right now and will continue non-stop through Sunday, November 24.  For a schedule and description of events being broadcast all week, click HERE.


The Day of the Doctor airs November 23rd and don’t forget to #SaveTheDay!

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