Grimm Review – One Night Stand

Two couples are hanging out at the lake. After drinking a few beers, Dan and Anna head into the water for more than just a swim. Jake and Sarah stay on shore, then Sarah excuses herself to get another beer. As she walks away, she finds her deaf sister Elly spying on them. Elly begs Sarah not to be with Jake because she “loves him,” but Sarah tells her to go home or she’ll tell their father. Sarah goes back and entices Jake into the water by taking off her bikini top, and soon the two are getting hot and heavy. Elly sneaks out and takes Jake’s phone to look through the photos. After both couples finish, Dan suddenly starts screaming and is pulled down into the water. Anna tells Sarah and Jake to get out, but Jake tries to help his friend and is pulled under as well. Elly woges and manages to pull Jake out of the water and get him breathing again, but then runs off once he’s awake. He calls for his friend Dan, who is nowhere to be seen.

Grimm - Season 3

Monroe and Rosalee are moving Rosalee’s things into Monroe’s house when she wonders if it’s a good idea. Monroe protests, but she explains that she has a lot of stuff and so does he. In the end, she decides that all of his things need to stay right where they are – and she’s staying, too. Meanwhile, Juliette and Nick are getting ready for their day, happy to be together and doing ‘normal’ things like making breakfast.

Hank and Nick are called to the scene where Dan’s body has been pulled out of the water. They note the claw marks on his legs as well as how beat up his body is, then go to see Jake, who’d reported Dan missing the night before. Jake is very upset once they tell him that Dan is dead, and he tells them that both he and Dan were pulled under. He starts the story from the beginning – he and Dan had gone fishing, Sarah and Anna showed up and things got sexual, then Dan started screaming and they both were pulled under. They asked Jake how he got out of the water, and he says he’s not sure – he thought he saw a girl, but maybe he dreamed her. The three then head to where Jake, Dan, Anna and Sarah had been yesterday, to check things out and discuss more of the details. Just then, Nick hears someone in the bushes – it’s Elly, and as soon as Nick looks her way she runs. Nick yells for Hank and runs after her, but she jumps into the water and swims off much faster than any human could. Hank and Jake catch up to Nick and wonder where the girl went – and Jake says he thinks that’s the girl he saw as he came to.

Back at the station, Hank and Nick fill Captain Renard in on the details – including the fact that there seems to be at least one Wesen involved. As the two head back to the case, Renard gets a text message that he’s been sent a photo – it’s Adalind. He calls Sebastian and the two discuss the possibilities as to why Frau Pech would have been dealing with Adalind. She’s one of the family’s lawyers – could that be why? Or could it be that Adalind is the one with a baby with Royal blood to sell?

Nick and Hank are at Monroe’s house, discussing the case with Monroe and Rosalee. Rosalee mentions that she’d had a friend who was a Naiad, and Monroe says he’s heard of them but never seen one. Rosalee tells them that Naiads have very close-knit families and that they rarely go far from water, and then suggests heading to Aunt Marie’s trailer to see what else they can find – and then asks them to take Monroe with them so he can help.

At the trailer, Monroe finds an entry in one of the books about Naiads. Back in the 1700s, a Grimm was about a ship when a sailor went missing. The man had been raving about a beautiful woman he’d seen swimming alongside the boat, and soon the Grimm saw her and captured her. The Naiad refused to tell him anything and begged to be let back into the water. By the morning, she was dead of apparent dehydration. Hank’s phone rings and it’s Sgt. Wu – he’s managed to track where Jake’s phone is: a marina not far from where the incident happened. Nick and Hank tell him to meet them at the marina, and they’re going to bring Jake in case he can identify anyone.

Grimm - Season 3













Once they arrive, they leave Jake by the cars with a pair of binoculars and tell him to keep a look out for anyone he recognizes. Sgt. Wu indicates which houseboat the phone is on, and Nick and Hank ask the owner for his name and if he knows anything about a drowning or a stolen cell phone. He says no, but Sgt. Wu calls the phone and ringing can clearly be heard inside the house. Hank finds the ringing phone hidden behind a cushion on the couch, and Nick finds a photo of three girls – one of which looks like the girl he’d chased earlier. They head back outside to speak to Abel, who says he has no idea how the phone got into his house. When Nick asks about the girl in the photo, Abel tells them that Elly had nothing to do with it, and that they can’t talk to her because she’s deaf. Then Jake sees Sarah and Anna with the binoculars and rushes down to talk to them. When Jake tries to tell them that Dan’s dead, they pretend not to know him and try to ignore him. Abel tells them to go in the house, but Hank says everyone is staying there while they talk. Right then, two other guys come walking up, asking what’s going on. Hank asks who they are, and they turn out to be neighbors. Hank tells them to go home and stay out of police business or his sergeant will put them into his police car. Sarah and Anna continue to deny knowing Jake or Dan, claiming they were at home with their father the day before. Nick shows Jake the photo and asks if he recognizes the other girl, and he says that she’s the one who saved him. Since the two girl won’t talk, Hank and Nick tell them they’re taking them to the station. Abel tells Nick that he doesn’t understand and then woges into his Naiad form. Nick tells him that they have even more to talk about, but he’s going to talk to his daughters first while he thinks about it. Meanwhile, Elly has been in the water near the dock, watching the entire thing.













As Abel walks back towards his house, he confronts the two neighbors, telling them that he didn’t want this kind of trouble and asking why they’d done it. One says they did it because he’s forgotten where they come from, and he and his brother haven’t. Abel tells them that he hasn’t forgotten anything and he knows how to survive in this world, while their kind died 200 years ago and they’ve jeopardized them all with their ‘fundamental crap.’ They then blame Elly because she saved Jake and took his phone, saying that she ‘has to be cut.’ Abel asks if they’re crazy, because no one does that anymore. They tell him that where they’re from, they do, and they don’t have these kinds of problems – and this is what happens when women aren’t raised right. Abel says he won’t let them touch her – and one of them punches him and asks who will stop them?

At the station, Nick and Hank are questioning Sarah about Elly, who pulled Jake out of the river. She doesn’t say anything, so Nick tells her that they know the family are Naiads, and unless she wants to spend the next 24 hours drying out in a holding cell, she should start talking. She looks startled but still refuses, so they go to talk to Anna. Anna also refuses to say anything, despite again hearing that they know they’re Naiads and can’t stay out of the water that long. Hank and Nick go to Captain Renard, unsure as to how to proceed because they don’t want to have the girls die in custody – they clearly know more but are protecting someone or afraid of someone. Captain Renard says that Wesen don’t get special treatment, so if they end up dying in custody, the M.E. will have to explain why. Then Sgt. Wu knocks on the door and tells them that the girls’ father, Abel, is there to talk. Abel confesses to killing Dan, but Nick and Hank know he’s lying. They begin peppering him with questions, including where he got the black eye he’d just acquired. Abel doesn’t know any of the details about Dan or the murder, so he can’t answer. Nick and Hank go back to where Captain Renard has been observing the interrogation and tell him that they think they can get the girls to talk if it’ll save their father, and Renard tells them to go for it.

Jake returns to his apartment and notices a window open. Puzzled, he closes it – and then Elly is there. In a few moments he realizes that she’s deaf, but she’s able to communicate with him somewhat. She leads him to his apartment building’s pool and gets in, showing him her true Naiad self. Right then, the two neighbors show up – she screams as they knock Jake out and then kidnap her.

Back at Monroe’s house, the couple are unpacking the last of Rosalee’s things. Monroe pulls out an odd rabbit statue, and Rosalee explains that her grandparents brought it from Holland. Monroe says it needs to go in a place of honor, but Rosalee says it’s butt ugly. Monroe reveals that he’s kind of nervous because he’s never wanted anyone to move in before, but she tells him to stop thinking – and kissing him seems to do the trick.

Nick and Hank go down to the holding cells and tell Sarah and Anna that they’re free to go because their father has confessed to murdering Dan and attempting to murder Jake. Sarah immediately says that it’s a lie, and although Anna tries to stop her, Sarah tells them that Dominick and Jesse did it – the two neighbors they’d seen at the marina. As Nick opens the cell, Anna woges and clearly isn’t doing well. Nick tells her she doesn’t have much time, and Anna tells Sarah that Nick is a Grimm and she can’t trust him. Sarah says she has no choice.

Sarah explains that Dominick and Jesse are from Alaska and had arrived about 6 months before. They believe in a lot of old traditions that her family doesn’t, and the family didn’t think they were serious about them. She then tells them that Naiad women can only conceive in the water with other men, because Naiad men are sterile. Both Naiad men and women don’t like it, but they have no choice or they’ll die out. Then Nick’s phone rings – it’s Jake and he explains that Elly had been there, but the two guys from the marina jumped him and took Elly. Nick tells him to stay there, that he’s sending officers to him. He tells this to Sarah, who says that they’ll cut Elly – cut the webs between her fingers and toes, which is how they used to punish those that broke Naiad law. Nick asks where they’d take her, and Sarah tells them home, so they can make an example of her.













At the marina, Dominick and Jesse look Elly in the face, knowing she can read lips, and tell her that it’s her own fault that they have to do this. Elly kicks Dominick between his legs and he falls over, but Jesse catches her. They try to grab her legs, but she kicks Jesse in the face. They then hold her face under the water, knowing that eventually she’ll have to breathe. She does and they pull her up, but they still can’t manage to cut her. Nick and Hank arrive with sirens blaring, and the two knock Elly out, wrap a rope around her ankles that’s tied to an anchor and push her and the anchor into the water while they fight Nick and Hank. After Nick knocks out Dominick, he dives in after Elly, leaving Hank to finish Jesse. Hank gets both men handcuffed while Nick finds Elly and unties her feet and brings her to the surface. Elly is fine, but Hank is freaked out because Nick was under for so long. He thought Nick was dead – and he kind of looked it, too. Abel, Sarah and Anna run up, happy that Elly is okay. Hank and Nick plan to take Dominick and Jesse in. Hank says they won’t last long, but Nick says they should have thought about that before.

Grimm - Season 3













Juliette is home, checking Nick’s email as he requested. She reads over the email from his doctor, who says they can’t explain how his metabolic rate is about half that of most people, but as he seems healthy with great endurance, he seems fine. Just then, an email comes in from “bheader” who signs off “Love you, M.” Juliette immediately wonders who the hell M is.

Renard is watching coverage of Eric’s funeral on his computer. They report that the investigation into the crown prince’s assassination continues, though an underground group is suspected. They also say that everyone is wondering who will be in charge of the Royal family now.

Nick and Hank have Jake looking over a lineup, and he picks Dominick out. He then asks Nick and Hank about Elly, saying that she looked like a mutant some sort of mermaid… just not normal. Nick tells him, “Nobody is, Jake. It’s Portland.”














Another fun new Wesen species, this one with some archaic traditions! Naiads, you’re pretty cool, but the old ways have got to go. Luckily, it seems like the modern Naiads will prevail. I have to wonder if Jake will try to go and visit Sarah and end up running into Elly, or if Elly will seek Jake out again. We’ll probably never know, but I think this might be the only case of human and Wesen interaction that wasn’t entirely negative and could possibly continue. HMMM.

Nick and Juliette – COME ON. You know that human doctors aren’t going to be able to help, so why are you thinking you’d get answers from them? Why aren’t you discussing this with Rosalee? She might not have the answers, either, but she’d have a better shot at it. Here’s hoping one of you gets a clue soon, because Hank is noticing the weirdness now, too.

And Nick, you got some ‘splainin’ to do! The email is clearly from Mom – ‘beheader,’ hahaha, gotta love Grimm humor – but Juliette was literally out of it when Mom showed up, and clearly Nick forgot to mention his mother is alive and well. Kind of a big ooops there, Nick. You’re so going to be in the doghouse on this one.

Renard now has the bee in his bonnet that Adalind could be the one pregnant with a Royal baby. This is about to get good! I hope he finds a reason – obviously Eric’s funeral was NOT the reason – to visit Vienna and have a chat with Adalind. Could Renard take on Stefania? Something else to ponder… And yes, I’m still wondering if Eric is truly dead. Grimm writers, you have me continually suspicious now.

Finally, a big AWWW for Monroe and Rosalee. Here’s hoping they get to be happy for a little while longer… because, after all, it’s Grimm – and you never know what’ll happen!


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