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It would appear as though I need to apologize once more for not posting any indie music write-ups of late! I’ve been lazy busy… and forgetful. I’d promise this won’t happen again, but if you’ve attempted following any of these write-ups then you know it will, so I make no promises. I will, however, at least try to be more consistent with these!

A while back an indie band, Play For Keeps, started following me on Twitter. Although it’s taken me some time to actually sit and listen to these guys, I was impressed with what I heard. Play For Keeps is an indie rock band from Las Vegas with a few covers (very well done if you ask me) as well as some original songs on YouTube. Founded by lead singer/guitarist Cameron Dettman a few years ago, he and his fellow bandmates Joseph Gilbert (power-drummer), Brian Jones (crafty guitarist/vocalist) and Jon Wozniak (bass) want to “make the world a better place” with their music and have performed headlining shows at House of Blues, Hard Rock and The Black Door among other venues throughout Las Vegas. The band writes and records their own music as well as recording many cover videos for YouTube and released their debut EP “A Different Pace” in March. You can check out a couple of their original songs below as well as one of my favorite “Wrecking Ball” covers to date! If you like what you hear, click on the linkses, share with your friends and spend your monies!

Play For Keeps Official Site
Play For Keeps Blog 
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Play For Keeps on YouTube 
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