Saturday Will Be BBC America’s Biggest Doctor Who Day Ever

Image courtesy BBC America

BBC America has filled the entire week leading up to the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special, The Day of the Doctor, with more stuff related to the show than you can imagine.  They’ve even announced a first-ever live simulcast of the pre-show on both their network and their YouTube channel.

Granted, the entire week is a pretty special one for Doctor Who fans, but “game day” is going to be Saturday, November 23 and BBC America knows that.  That’s why they’ve turned it into the biggest Doctor Who day they’ve ever had.  Check out the trailer for Saturday’s big blowout followed by a schedule of events for the day.

You might want to set your alarm and make an extra large pot of coffee, this schedule starts at 1:00 am.  Yes, AM!

1:00am ET: Catch a complete Series 7 Marathon
2:30pm ET: DOCTOR WHO 50th Live Pre-Show, the first-ever live simulcast pre-show from the YouTube Space Los Angeles, hosted by Veronica Belmont, on BBC America &
2:50pm ET: Global Simulcast of “The Day of The Doctor,” the DOCTOR WHO 50th Anniversary Episode (watch trailer now:
7:00pm ET: Catch “The Day of The Doctor” again with never-before-seen Inside Looks from DAVID TENNANT and MATT SMITH
9:00pm ET: The premiere of BBCA’s blazing new sci-fi series ATLANTIS (watch trailer now:
10:00pm ET: All New Episode of The Graham Norton Show with special guests MATT SMITH and DAVID TENNANT (watch trailer now:

The Day of the Doctor airs November 23rd and don’t forget to #SaveTheDay!

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