Sleepy Hollow “Necromancer” Reviewcap

* Quick note of apology for the promo article naming this episode as “Into Darkness.” Unfortunately, I was misinformed on the title.*

“We are looking for his weakness. Don’t let him find yours.” ~ Lieutenant Abbie Mills

After trapping Headless under bulbs of artificial sunlight, Abbie takes a moment to show Ichabod the fist bump in celebration of their victory over Headless, though “it makes no sense” to him. I’ve never been a fan of the fist bump. The first time someone balled up their fist for me, I had much the same expression on my face as Ichabod had both before and after that balled fist was presented to him…After this celebratory gesture, they join the captain while they discuss how to kill it – and the numerous ways they’ve already tried – but ultimately realize that Headless is indestructible. The best thing they have at the moment is his lovely hexed cell with his own personal kryptonite (I’m guessing someone will have to explain that to Ichabod as well) while the war wages on outside. This prompts Ichabod to suggest an interrogation, though I’ve been curious as to how they plan on interrogating a headless abomination, Abbie suggests using the dead to talk to the dead. Ichabod catches on quickly and they inform the captain about Andy Brooks’ (Officer Pez) currently “bendy” status of life. Considering the captain was completely in the dark about Brooks’  resurrection, the captain couldn’t have had anything to do with his missing body cover up, so why did the police just kind of let that one slip by without a care?

hmmm...what shall I find in here?

hmmm…what shall I find in here? Nope, have that. Don’t want that….

Anyway, Abbie asks the captain to track down Jenny while she and Ichabod track down Officer Pez and find his nest. They peruse his belongings while awaiting his return and just as Ichabod finds an interesting tablet with Egyptian hieroglyphs, Pez returns and is rather upset about Ichabod touching his things. While Abbie calms him down, Ichabod realizes what the hieroglyphs indicate and points out that Andy is Headless’ voice – his necromancer – and offers Pez a shot at redemption if he talks to Headless for them. Brooks, however, is reluctant as he has no choice but to do as Headless wishes when he is with him, so it won’t end well. Abbie pleads with him to help and he reluctantly agrees and with one hilariously false start, Ichabod leads them back to Headless’ cell. Meanwhile, the captain tracks down Jenny who has flip-flopped back to old, uncooperative, annoying Jenny and remains obstinate about everything…even after the captain explains what he knows and what they’ve done. Just as he’s asking Jenny for her help, an officer steps in to inform the captain of a robbery at an antiquities store, which piques Jenny’s interest as she used to do some “acquisitions” for them. The captain agrees to let her come if she cooperates and when they get to the store they quickly realize that the robbery was staged. You’d think the robbers would have tried a little harder to cover up their intent by taking some of the valuables instead of just trashing everything. That’s what I’d do, but I’m not a robber…as far as you know. Jenny then shows the captain a secret room where they find the storeowner who points to a box on the shelf. They discover the box is empty and that the relic inside, a Thracian Phiale, was taken to be used to break a hex and was taken by the Hessian’s who learned of Headless’ disappearance when one happened upon Headless’ horse while hunting with a “friend” (whom he quickly shot to keep his cover.) Though I understand how the Hessian’s learned of his disappearance, how could they have learned where he was being kept or what device would be needed to break into the cell? Our duo turned trio (thanks to the happy addition of the captain) improvised it all by themselves, how could the Hessians have possibly figured that out?

Anyway, back in the cell, after ensuring Brooks is secured (they chained him up too) he talks to Headless and tells Headless to use him as his voice. Headless remains quiet, however, so Ichabod taunts him a bit as he approaches him in the age old form of intimidation which I don’t imagine works as well without eyes to stare into. When Ichabod approaches him, he grabs his shirt and a  green pendant drops to the ground. Ichabod recognizes it as Katrina’s while Headless speaks through Pez confirming his suspicions. Abbie and Ichabod leave the cell and Ichabod explains the significance of the pendant: it was a gift to Katrina from her betrothed…and Ichabod’s best friend. Through a flashback, Ichabod explains how he helped pick out the pendant for her and that his friend, Abraham Von Brunt, gave it to her the night she informed Ichabod that she was going to break off the engagement with Abraham because she is in love with Ichabod. Wouldn’t it be awesome if our own memories were seen in flashbacks like that? Well, some of them at least. Anyway, Ichabod is clearly disturbed by Headless’ possession of the necklace and what it could mean about Katrina’s imprisonment while Abbie points out a very important thing to Ichabod: “We are looking for his weakness. Don’t let him find yours.” (If you’re curious, that instrument they were listening to was Benjamin Franklin’s Glass Harmonica.)


Hey, what’s up? I’m walking with the captain.

Meanwhile, the captain and Jenny track down some Hessian’s to the location where they intend to attack the grids and kill the lights to get their Horseman back. I’m still confused about how they knew about the lights or where he was being kept. As far as they knew, Headless disappeared and anyone who wanted to trap him would need a witch to do that, so how did they catch on to Abbie’s and Ichabod’s plan so quickly? Also, if I were Abbie and Ichabod, I’d have those lights on a generator to keep it separate from the grid and under my control, which is what I had thought they did. Why would the tunnels be wired for electricity otherwise? Anyway, Jenny and the captain ambush the Hessian’s and just as they surround Jenny, the captain steps out with his handy-dandy police reinforcements and arrests them. While back in the cell, Ichabod inquires about the necklace and his beloved Katrina. Headless repeatedly promises to kill Ichabod and then informs him that Ichabod’s death was his mission. It was his mission the day they met on the battlefield and until Ichabod is dead, it will  continue to be his mission, because Abraham wants his revenge. Abbie realizes Headless has turned the tables and tries to stop Ichabod from proceeding, but Headless continues taunting Ichabod about Abraham’s death and Ichabod’s part in it. Just as Abbie steps in to pull Ichabod out of the cell, the Hessian’s bomb goes off, successfully killing the lights in the cell.

Learning from the captain what had happened, they find they have two hours before the power comes back on and each minute  they wait Headless will grow stronger. Ichabod decides to continue his interrogation while he can, but Abbie refuses to let him continue until he explains what Headless is talking about regarding Abraham. He tells her that Abraham was devastated after Katrina broke off their engagement and the following day they were given a mission to deliver the Declaration of Resolve to the First Continental Congress. Abraham, however, was preoccupied with his breakup and brought it up to Ichabod, at which point Ichabod informed him that he had only just learned that Katrina was in love with him, which obviously, upsets Abraham even more as he now believes that Ichabod was wooing her the entire time. He draws his sword as Ichabod attempts to warn him that it’s neither the time nor place (yet telling him the reason Katrina broke up with him couldn’t have waited for a better time and place?) Abraham attacks and the two duel while Ichabod attempts to yield. Eventually Ichabod is tossed to the ground, but before Abraham can finish the job, he is shot by approaching Hessians as they attempt to thwart the two from delivering the Declaration of Resolve. Abraham tells him to leave, whether as an act of completing the mission or just not wanting Ichabod’s help is to be seen, and seeing no other option Ichabod runs as more Hessian’s approach. He leaves a severely injured Abraham to his own fate, sure that he died. After relating this story, Ichabod proceeds to his interrogation but Abbie stops him, noting that he’s “too raw” to go in there, which prompts him to yell at her that he is in control…haha…obviously.

Ow! That really hurt!

Ow! That really hurt!

Struck by his own momentary loss of control, he pauses a minute to collect himself just as the captain arrives with Jenny. Abbie is pissed that she brought Jenny down, though I’m not entirely sure why she wants to freeze her out. That doesn’t make much sense to me. Anyway, Jenny and the captain tell them that the Thracian Phiale is missing while Jenny tells them that in order to use it, the Hessians must break into the cell and perform a druidic incantation to release the hex. The captain decides to call for backup but they all point out the folly in that as this is a secret war and they don’t know whom to trust. They all agree to keep it between them and then do what everyone always does in movies and on TV: they split up. Ichabod remains behind to keep an eye on Headless while Abbie, Jenny and the captain go out in the tunnels where they are all ambushed by Moloch’s minions. Everyone conveniently forgets to keep an eye on Pez, however, as he digs into his tummy, pulls out the missing Phiale and performs the druidic incantation. Ichabod reenters the cell to continue his interrogation, but before he can get very far, Headless informs him of his freedom and breaks his chains while Ichabod is distracted by Pez. Headless throws Ichabod and then grabs some swords for a proper duel, tossing one at Ichabod’s feet. As they fight, Ichabod realizes that Headless’ fighting style is exactly the same as Abraham’s and his personal vendetta against Ichabod lies in the fact that Abraham is Headless!

Continuing their duel, Headless tells him about the day Abraham/he died. It was only the beginning as Moloch came to him and offered him the deal of a lifetime. Ichabod suggests that it’s revenge, but he reveals the deal was Katrina and that she is held captive for Headless Abraham. Pez receives a message as they fight and just as Ichabod is about to lose his life at the hands of Headless Abraham, Pez stops him as the “Master” has commanded that Ichabod must live. Just then, Moloch’s minions reach the cell and take all the baddies away to safety. Back in the archives, Ichabod is troubled about causing Abraham to become a Horseman, but Abbie points out that was his own decision. Ichabod confesses that he always found Bram (I like that nickname) arrogant, but perhaps he was just a mirror to himself. He then remembers that as Bram was going to kill him, Moloch stopped him and he can’t explain why. Abbie suggests that it’s perhaps because Ichabod is not Bram’s to kill and then notes that Katrina’s soul will be his and the two suggest that she’s perhaps held until Bram rides with the other horseman. They now realize the Horseman’s weakness: Katrina and with that, they must have Katrina back! This is happy news for me, as I rather like Katrina, but on that note, maybe in order to get Katrina’s soul she must kill Ichabod or something nefarious like that.

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