Supernatural – Dog Dean Afternoon

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Air Date: 11-5-2013

Dog Dean Afternoon 4







Already I’m excited as a wonderful montage of days gone by roll across my T.V. set reminding us of wonderful episodes such as Yellow Fever,  Changing Channels,  and  Bad Day at Black Rock.  We are reminded of wonderful things like Dean catching the pencil in the gun and saying he is Batman to Sam losing his shoe and is heartbroken about it.  You just know that this episode has to fall into this category and what do I say about that?  I say it is about time!

We are witness to a taxidermist doing what they do best as his best friend Colonel, a beautiful German Sheppard, sits at his side.  He hears a noise and after he investigates without finding anything he is crushed to death by a man in a cowboy hat who has a forked tongue.

Sam picks up the case and is ready to jump back into action, but Dean tries to talk him into just relaxing and getting better, but he runs out of argument because he can’t tell Sam about Zeke and how bad off he really is so off they head to Oklahoma.

Using the FBI cover they find clues that lead them to think that witches could be involved, but after more research they are lead to a pair of animal activists, who admit to trying to scare the taxidermist by spray painting his shop, but when they heard a noise in the alley and got sprayed in the face with mace, which later we learn wasn’t mace at all but a venom, they ran away.  Sam researches the damage done to the couples eyes and that is when we learn it was venom so Dean deduces they are hunting a Freaky-ass Mega snake monster.

Said monster then enters an animal shelter, bribes the guy behind the desk and process into the animal area and starts to fill a sack with cats.  The dogs are barking the cats are causing a ruckus and finally the lad goes to check it out and witnesses monster man consuming a cat live, much like a snake would do.  This was his demise as snake man claws the shelter worker to death.

While investigating the shelter Dean recognizes Colonel  and when the dog has a reaction to the local cops hat they call up Kevin asking him to look into ways to communicate with animals.  They boys adopt Colonel and concoct and Inuit spell that must be consumed and it looks awful.  Dean volunteers to drink it telling Sam that he is tired and still recovering from the trials.  It is apparent that Sam is starting to get really annoyed with this.  Dean downs the muddy stuff, says the spell and nothing happens at first…..

Then when they are about to call Kevin back Dean begins to hear Colonel who is complaining about the radio station.   They two get into a slight argument about Styx and soon Sam notices Dean’s dog like manors.  He is playing fetch, scratching behind his ear and barking at the mailman.

Dog Dean Afternoon 1Colonel can’t tell them much about this best friend’s death as he wasn’t able to get a good look at him. Heading back to the shelter to see if they missed any clues Dean learns that he can communicate with all animals and he gets into a shouting match with a pigeon who is pooping on the Impala.  Back at the shelter Dean begins to interview the other captives.  Most of what he hears is complaints but finally he talks to a Yorkie who will trade info for a belly rub from Sam.  While Sam rubs the dog tells Dean all about the man who took all the cats as well as ate one.  He was able to tell him what was on the bag the man carried which leads the boys to a local restaurant.

Dog Dean Afternoon 3Leaving Colonel in the car the boys go in the restaurant where they learn from a book they find and a couple of mice that Chef Leo, who is highly medicated, is using a shaman spell and consuming animal parts to obtain the essence of the beast.  The boys split up to find Leo and chef gets the drop on Sam because he has camouflaged himself against a wall like a chameleon.  Leo is able to slice Sam’s throat and just before he is to die Zeke heals him.  This makes Leo want to consume Sam’s essence and knocks him out.

Dog Dean Afternoon 2

Dean is captured and since he is still a dog he can smell that Leo is sick with cancer. Leo explains that by the time he was diagnosed it was too late for treatment and using this magic allows him to live and feel strong.  He reveals that he is going to kill Dean and then eat Sam because whatever he is he might be able to heal him.  True to form Dean escapes as Leo eats a wolf heart and they run outside.  Leo thinks he has a leg up as wolf trumps a dog but Dean smiles and tells him that may be true, but not a whole pack.  He whistles and Colonel and the rest of the dogs, Dean released from the shelter, come to his aid.  They take down Leo and Dean goes back for Sam.

Dean finally wakes Sam up and they find a home for Colonel.  As the boys get ready to leave town Sam can’t help but be puzzled by Leo’s question about what he is.  Dean, once again, convinces him that the guy was just crazy and hyped up on animal juices, but I wonder how long he can keep this secret?

Okay tonight’s episode was awesome.  It was so funny and great and wonderful and I know my review doesn’t live up to any of it, but really this is an episode that all my readers really need to experience for themselves.  I have to admit this one may just have tied with my all time favorite episode Yellow Fever.

Well until next week my friends…be safe and happy!!!

Favorite Quotes of the Week:

“Correction, Freaky-ass Mega snake monster.”  Dean to Sam when they were trying to figure out what they were hunting.

“Why are you arguing to the dog about Styx?” Sam to Dean after Dean starts to hear Colonel’s thoughts.

“Ruh-Roh.”  Dean to Sam after they discover Dean is a dog.

“I know this might sound like a conspiracy theory, but the real reason we were put here was for……”  Colonel right before the spell wears off.



Jennifer Rux