“The Day of the Doctor” Breaks All the Records!

Image courtesy BBC America

Okay, so I admit to a bit of hyperbole in the title, but in my defense The Day of the Doctor did set and/or break quite a number of records.  A press release from BBC America lists all the cool things the anniversary episode of Doctor Who did.  You know, besides the fez and bowtie.

Here’s some of the records broken, starting with a record authority everyone’s familiar with.

Guinness World Record

The Day of the Doctor was the largest ever simulcast of a TV drama with it being broadcast in 94 countries across 6 continents.

Highest rated broadcast ever for BBC America

Live + same day ratings clocked in 3.6 million viewers for the network, a ratings record for BBC America.

#1 show trending on Twitter

On Saturday, BBC America was the #1 cable network on Twitter and Doctor Who was the #1 television show trending on the social network.  Doctor Who generated 1.83 million tweets.

Man, you people really tweeted your fingers off.  I might’ve helped a little…

#1 TV event on Tumblr

Doctor Who set a Tumblr record, bringing the highest level of activity of any television event ever.  It even beat the Super Bowl and the MTV VMAs.  The Doctor Who Tumblr had a massive 14.5 millions views on November 23 alone.

That’s right…suck it, football and lip-syncing.

Online Viewing Records

The Day of the Doctor is the #1 episode on both iTunes and Amazon’s television chart within 24 hours of its release.  It was also the most downloaded episode of 2013 for BBC Worldwide on iTunes based on the first day of sale.

BBC America’s website had its best day (and week) ever

On November 23, BBCAmerica.com got over 1.375 million global page hits and had its best week in page views and unique site visitors.


Doctor Who returns Christmas Day for the annual Christmas Special.

→Click HERE to check out the first teaser trailer for the yuletide broadcast. ←


Visit the BBC’s Official Doctor Who Website

Visit BBC America’s Official Doctor Who Website

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