“The Day of the Doctor” Sneak Peek from BBC’s “Children In Need 2013”

Image courtesy BBC

Every near in November, the BBC Children in Need Appeal Night comes around to raise funds to help disadvantaged children.  More than a simple “begfest”, the evening is filled with celebrities from popular shows doing all kinds of entertaining things to get your attention.  One of the most notable of them all, at least for this lover of all things blue and Who, is the contribution of the Doctor Who team.

There’s usually a send-up of the show or a special one-off minisode.  Since we just got a minisode in the form of the prequel The Night of the Doctor and with the big five-oh right around the corner they decided to treat us to a sneak peek clip from The Day of the Doctor.  That’s fine by me.

Be a Hero and donate at http://www.bbc.co.uk/pudsey. Whilst investigating strange occurrences at an art gallery, the Doctor meets a familiar face…

The Day of the Doctor airs November 23rd and don’t forget to #SaveTheDay!

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