BBC America’s “Top 11 Things We’ll Miss About the 11th Doctor”

Image courtesy BBC America

Matt Smith is about to get Capaldied at Christmas.  Even though the Doctor remains basically the same from one regeneration to the next, each incarnation brings with it new character attributes that make every Doctor unique in their own right.  In terms of being offbeat, random, and just plain weird, I’d say Matt Smith is right up there with Tom Baker and that’s part of what’s made his portrayal of the Doctor one of my favorites.

To celebrate his many quirks, not the least of which is his fez fetish, BBC America has put together a video listing the top 11 things we’ll miss about “Number Eleven” when he’s gone.  Actually, I’m missing them/him already.

BBC America isn’t just ripping the band-aid off, however.  Before the broadcast of The Time of the Doctor, the network will be airing Doctor Who: Farewell to Matt Smith.

Click HERE to view the trailer for that pre-special special.


Doctor Who: Farewell to Matt Smith airs Christmas day, December 25, at 8/7C immediately followed by The Time of the Doctor at 9/8C on BBC America

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