Doctor Who: Strax Field Report – A Sontaran’s View of Christmas

Image courtesy BBC

The holiday season has everyone busy, even Strax.  But instead of decorating, shopping, and the like, he’s engaged with field reports back to his home planet of Sontar.  Yesterday he reported on all the Doctor’s incarnations and what he thought of them.  Today, he’s giving his Sontaran-skewed view of Christmas in a report appropriately filed as “X1225-MAS”.

It’s no surprise he’s not very impressed with our holiday traditions, but he did hear of one thing that gets him excited.  Imagine his disappointment when he eventually finds out mistletoe is not a ballistic weapon.



Doctor Who: Farewell to Matt Smith airs Christmas day, December 25, at 8/7C immediately followed by The Time of the Doctor at 9/8C on BBC America

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