Doctor Who: “The Time of the Doctor” – A Behind the Scenes Look

Image courtesy BBC America

The Doctor Who 2013 Christmas Special has come and gone.  The Doctor has shed the facade of Eleven and I’m sure many fans have shed more than a few tears.  In this video entitled The Time of the Doctor: Behind the Lens you’ll see that tears were flowing from the actors as well.

There are interviews with the regular actors from the show, plus ones with the guest actors and some folks behind the scenes, too.  You’ll learn about how the actors who play Clara’s mother (Elizabeth Rider) and grandmother (Sheila Reid) have previous connections to Doctor Who.  They even explain, sort of, how a wooden Cyberman can use a flame thrower without burning himself up.

After the video, scroll down if you want to re-watch that final minute of The Time of the Doctor when Matt Smith regenerates into Peter Capaldi.  Just be sure to have your tissues ready.

Okay, tissues handy?  Here’s the downright lightning-fast regeneration and Matt Smith’s final frames as the Doctor.

I hope this is enough to tide you over until series 8 begins airing.  As of now, it’s not scheduled to begin until sometime in the latter half of 2014, possibly as late as September.  Steven Moffat has said there will be 13 episodes and they would all be broadcast continuously instead of being split like series 7 was.  Between the fact that production schedules can change due to a variety of reasons and because Moffat has been known to “misdirect” in his statements, take all of that information as mild speculation for now.

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