Grimm Review – El Cucuy

Two masked men rob a gas station and beat the attendant badly. As the attendant lies in a hospital bed unconscious, his mother prays for justice in Spanish. In a hotel room somewhere, a creature watches the news report on the robbery and attack and scratches the chair arm with its claws.


Juliette re-reads the email from ‘M’ again as Nick arrives home. She tells Nick that his medical report shows that his metabolism is great, but he immediately senses that something is bothering her. She tells him about the email from ‘M,’ and he’s immediately worried. She asks who ‘M’ is, and he tells her that it’s his mother. Juliette is both shocked and in disbelief, but Nick explains that his mother, also a Grimm, showed up the year before during the time Juliette had been in the coma. Juliette then makes the connection that being a Grimm is genetic. Nick isn’t happy that there’s no way he can help his mother, but they don’t even know where she is.

Over in Vienna, Sebastian and a colleague are watching and filming Adalind go in and out of her obstetrician’s office without her knowing it. During the appointment itself, things seem fine, except at one point, the doctor thinks she hears two heartbeats – then dismisses it as nothing but an echo.

Grimm - Season 3

The two masked men rob a convenience store in the same neighborhood. They make it back to their car and toss their masks, guns and the bag of money in the backseat, but then one of the men is attacked. The other runs to a nearby house but is killed in the driveway. Nick and Hank arrive on the scene – both men look like an animal slashed their throats repeatedly. Their witness tells them that he just heard what sounded like the men being attacked by wild dogs, but he didn’t see anything. Then he tries to recant his story and asks to go home. The detectives check out the car and find the weapons, masks and cash, and then hear about the robbery around the corner at the convenience store.

As they arrive at the store, a local named David Florez begins to shout at them about what a poor job the police are doing. Inside, Sgt. Wu tells them what happened, and they tell him they already have the perps – and they’re dead. They go in the back to watch the security footage, and Hank asks Sgt. Wu to ID three of the people who’d been in the store just before the robbers so they can question them on seeing anyone. Sgt. Wu finds the three people, but none of them saw anyone. However, the last guy tells them about another neighbor, Ray, a troublemaker who keeps dogs and fights them on weekends.

Nick finally arrives home to an excited Juliette, who’s managed to track the IP address where Nick’s mom was when she sent her email – Slovenia. Now they know that she’s headed to Greece from Eastern Europe.

In the morning, Hank has already looked up Ray Bolton, who is a ‘professional bad guy.’ The two dead robbers are known associates, and he might have motive to kill them. Nick and Hank ask the department of animal services to join them as they head to Bolton’s house. When they arrive to take the dogs for testing, Bolton immediately gets violent – and woges into a doglike creature. He notes that Nick is a Grimm, but doesn’t seem to care and keeps fighting him. They then end up taking him into custody as well as the dogs. As they put him in the car, David Florez shows up and taunts Bolton.


Monroe is on the floor at home using an exercise machine when the phone rings, so he asks Rosalee to get it before she heads to the shop. She answers, but at first no one says anything. She says hello again and the woman says she must have the wrong number. Rosalee asks if she’s looking for Monroe, and the woman says yes, so Rosalee asks who’s calling – and the woman says “his mother.” Rosalee heads over to Monroe and tells him that it’s his mother and then asks if she knows that they’re… together. Monroe says no, not yet, and then talks to his mother briefly, explaining that the woman on the phone was his girlfriend, Rosalee. He evades the question as to how long they’d been together with ‘a while’ and then promises to call later. He and Rosalee agree that they need to tell their parents about their relationship, but… later.

At the station Hank and Nick interrogate Bolton, but he tells them that neither he nor his dogs had anything to do with the murders. Unfortunately, the tests on the dogs prove that none of them match the samples found on the bodies, and although his dogs are great cover for Bolton, they have no way to swab him without a warrant.

Grimm - Season 3

That evening Juliette, Nick and Hank go to Monroe and Rosalee’s house for dinner and to discuss the case. Juliette tells them that a dog didn’t do the killings, and Monroe agrees, saying it couldn’t have been a Blutbad or canine, either. Nick describes the creature Bolton woged into, and Monroe and Rosalee both think he’s a Höllentier – a vicious brute that’s too stupid to know when he should be afraid. The name literally means ‘beast from hell,’ and their lineage goes back to the Pharoahs in ancient Egypt.

A woman and two men get off a bus. It seems as though one of the men is following her, but she sees him go down another street – and then the other man attacks her. Before he can do any serious damage, the man is attacked and killed by the mysterious Wesen. Nick and Hank arrive on the scene, realizing that it couldn’t be Bolton since he was still in jail – they’ll have to let him go. They also realize that they’ve got a vigilante Wesen on their hands. Once again David Florez is already on the scene, so the detectives ask Sgt. Wu to check him out. They talk to the woman who was attacked, and she says that El Cucuy was the one who murdered the man – and that they all know who that is. Florez then taunts them again, and Sgt. Wu drags him off and tells him to go home.

As he and Juliette get ready for bed that night, Nick asks if she knows who El Cucuy is. She tells him yes, that it’s like the boogeyman – her grandmother used to tell her that El Cucuy would get her if she didn’t make her bed or eat her vegetables when she a child. She asks Nick if he thinks El Cucuy could be a Wesen, and he says he doesn’t know, but Juliette says she knows someone they can talk to about it. The next day, she takes Nick to visit Pilar. Pilar tells them that she could sense it was coming. She then tells them a story from her childhood in Guadalajara, when women were crying out to El Cucuy for help – and El Cucuy came and killed three bad men who were terrorizing the neighborhood. After that, all was well again. Pilar also tells them that although she didn’t see El Cucuy, one of the women on her street did – its eyes glowed yellow, its teeth were sharp, its breath was foul, and it had large ears. Pilar then says that she believes El Cucuy hears the cries of women and when enough voices are as one, El Cucuy hears with its large ears and must come to right the injustice.

Grimm - Season 3

Nick and Juliette head to Aunt Marie’s trailer to look through the books for something on El Cucuy. They don’t find anything, but Juliette is enjoying reading the various stories about Grimm and Wesen encounters. At this point, they don’t know if it’s just that none of his relatives encountered El Cucuy, if he just didn’t get the book mentioning it or – as Juliette suggests – maybe El Cucuy just isn’t a Wesen at all.

Bolton’s out of jail and looking for Florez. He finds Florez walking home from the grocery store, and Bolton and his friends beat him up for taunting Bolton about his arrest. Once they leave, Florez goes home, bloody and infuriated, and puts on his Marine uniform and gets his knife, then heads back to Bolton’s house.


At the station, Nick and Hank are discussing Florez with Captain Renard. The former Marine did three tours of Afganistan, was disagnosed with PTSD and now lives with his mother. They wonder if he could be the perp, but so far there aren’t any connections other than him showing up at the crime scenes. Sgt. Wu then comes in with the surveillance footage from the bus, and they realize that the same little old lady, Mrs. Garcia, they’d interviewed after the convenience store robbery was also on the bus.

Renard gets an email from Sebastian that contains two videos – one of Adalind walking out of the obstetrician’s office and one of her ultrasound. He looks shaken.

Hank and Nick go to pick up Mrs. Garcia, who’s happy to go to the precinct with a handsome young man. They’re driving that way when Sgt. Wu calls Nick and tells him that Mrs. Florez called – David’s really upset that the police let Bolton go, and chances are he’s heading for Bolton’s house. Nick tells Sgt. Wu to meet them there, then explains the situation to Hank. Hank then tells Mrs. Garcia that they have to make a detour, but she doesn’t mind.


At Bolton’s house, Florez starts yelling about how he’s going to get Bolton out of the neighborhood and that he doesn’t belong there. In the back, Bolton and his cronies are counting money and other illegal things, so he tells them to get the stuff and get out before Florez brings the police in on them. He then woges and goes out to confront Florez, who he easily takes down. Nick and Hank arrive before it gets any worse, telling Bolton to go back inside before they arrest him, too. They turn to put Florez in the car with Mrs. Garcia, but all that’s left of her is her coat. Suddenly screams come from inside Bolton’s house, and Nick rushes in and watches Mrs. Garcia woge back to human from El Cucuy as she realizes he’s a Grimm. They take the blood-covered little old lady back to the station and interview her about all the murders, and she politely explains that they have no way to prove that she did anything. Captain Renard has been watching the entire interview, and his response is, “Are you kidding me?!” Mrs. Garcia’s ear woges as she hears more cries for help, and then she’s on the street again, having her purse stolen. She grins wickedly as she woges and heads after the robber.



That was a fun one! There was a lot going on, too…

So Juliette let Nick off easy once he explained about the email and Mom. I’m not entirely sure what the point of tracing the IP address was other than to give Juliette something to do… and where the heck did they get that she’s headed for Greece?? She didn’t say anything about that, and it couldn’t have come from the IP address… is Nick just assuming because of the coins? Weird. Also… why are they only now making the Grimm genetic connection? Is Aunt Marie chopped liver or something?? If Nick had said, “Yeah, both my mother and her sister were Grimms, it’s obviously genetic,” that would’ve made more sense. Gah. But the scene of Juliette reading in the trailer was really cute, and her taking Nick to see Pilar was smart. Hopefully whenever there’s a Wesen or story with Mexican roots, Pilar will be a part of it.

Other than the test results email, there weren’t any mentions of Nick’s weird metabolism in the episode, but I suspect there’ll be something next week. There’s got to be more to it.

Monroe and Rosalee were adorable as always! It looks like we’re headed towards a ‘Meet the Parents’ episode (although both Rosalee and Monroe seem like they’d prefer to avoid it), and I for one am very much looking forward to the reactions from both sides on this mixed-species relationship. I suspect that neither set of parents is going to be particularly thrilled…

So Renard and Sebastian now know for certain that Adalind is the one pregnant with Royal blood – and Renard knows that there’s a chance that he’s the father, and as he knew that Adalind had had a relationship with Eric, his brother is also a possibility (BTW, is Eric still dead? Apparently yes… for now). It’s going to be interesting to see what Renard will do now that he knows. And what do the two heartbeats mean? It has to have something to do with what was done to the baby as Stefania helped her with the spells to get her powers back, but… what??


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