Which ‘Doctor Who’ Are You? Take This Quiz to Find Out

By: Robert Prentice
doctor who

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You hear the whirling, techno sound that could only mean the impending appearance of a special blue box. Everyone else is standing in shock or running from the out-of-time police box, but you’re a Whovian, so you’re running toward it. You’ll charm the doctor and earn a place as his companion, or you’ll grab hold and ride through the timey-wimey in the style of Captain Jack Harkness. But what if you could be the doctor himself? Which of the most recent regenerations would you be? Take the quiz below and find out.

1. Your companion (or enemy) invites you on an adventure (or into a death trap). You say:

a. Fantastic

b. Allons-y!

c. Geronimo!

2. You’re getting ready for a night out on the universe. Which item is a must-add to your wardrobe?

a. A cool leather jacket

b. A well-worn pair of Converse

c. A bow tie

3. You’re leaving on a journey and have to select a companion. Who’s the most likely candidate?

a. A wise-cracking, street-wise, youthful companion who will stand up in a fight but has a lot to learn.

b. A well-educated and a bit prim companion who’s got technical skills that are going to come in handy.

c. A little girl.

4. You’ve turned the corner and run into an old enemy. Do you:

a. Smile and offer a chance to start fresh, even though you know he won’t take it.

b. Give him a long, hard stare and a bit of a monologue.

c. Something that involves running around and waving the arms.

5. The scariest thing to wake up to at night would be:

a. A bad wolf.

b. Angels weeping.

c. Complete silence.

6. You have the opportunity to meet one of these three people from history. Whom do you choose?

a. Charles Dickens

b. William Shakespeare

c. Vincent Van Gogh

7. How’s your hair today?

a. Not very present

b. Terrific

c. Sort of floppy

8. What statement best represents how you care for the tools of your trade or hobby?

a. You handle them with utmost care; you only take them out when necessary.

b. You handle them with a bit of care, but you’re always using them to make things they probably weren’t designed to make.

c. You’re pretty careless. What is broken can usually be repaired.

It’s regeneration time. What version of the Doctor are you going to be?

If you answered mostly A, then you’re the 9th doctor. You’re intense but with a jolly side, and you know how to dress to impress anyone not in a corporate boardroom. You’ve got a pretty good attitude, and you think most things in life have the capacity to be fantastic.

If you answered mostly B, then you’re the 10th doctor. You’re a bit broody, you develop intense friendships and you’re never quite sure where you stand on the subject of romance. You probably have really great hair.

If you answered mostly C, then you’re the 11th doctor. You’re a kid at heart, and you’re always getting into trouble by jumping into things that look interesting. You can be a bit flaky, but you don’t mean to. You just want everyone to have a great life, and you tend to apply the term “cool” inappropriately.

Now that you know which doctor you are, time to settle in with all the episodes you have on your DVR. Get Direct TV or a similar cable or satellite provider to gain access to all the “Doctor Who” episodes and get ready for your Tardis adventure.

Photo by Flickr user Toenex

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