A Finale Filled With Surprises – A Sleepy Hollow Review

Welcome back, Sleepyheads! There has been a lot of hype about the two-hour finale for Sleepy Hollow and it did not disappoint as Captain Irving made a surprising decision, John Noble (I GOT HIS NAME RIGHT THIS TIME) returns as the Sin Eater (and one of my favorite characters) and the Second Horseman of the Apocalypse heads into town. All I really have to say to the events that happened in the finale tonight is “wow!” The two-hour special presented one twist after another and it…was…GREAT! If you haven’t watched, then stop reading this now and turn it on! It’s worth it! Also, SPOILERS AHEAD!

Captain Irving Goes on Holiday

Obviously, the entire situation with Captain Irving was a pretty good twist I wasn’t expecting. Naturally there had to be some consequences to the deaths that resulted from Ancitif’s playtime antics. Captain Irving has been handling most of these situations so far, but I suppose there’s only so much he can do before he can’t do anything…and with no real, feasible explanation for the death and mayhem surrounding his beloved little girl’s crazy-ass possession and an investigator breathing down his neck for answers, Irving really had no other choice here: Be arrested or get committed like Jenny. Either way Captain Irving was pushed into a corner and to protect his family (as any decent father would) he took the fall for his innocent daughter – who is still a cripple in a wheelchair so that possession didn’t do anything for fixing the broken bits – confessed to murder and is on his way to the big house. I had definitely been expecting something to come of it, but I thought it would be more focused on the family end of things. Like a total wifey freak-out or leaving Sleepy Hollow for their own protection, but confessing to murder and taking the fall was not on my list! So how will he be getting himself out of that one? Needless to say, Abbie and Ichabod aren’t going to be much help in the near future with that…

Washington’s Bible

So what’s the deal with Washington time-traveling four days to the future to write a date in a big, ole, fancy-schmancy bible anyway? How did he write something after he died? (This is Sleepy Hollow that means anything hidden is a mystery and doesn’t have a logical answer like writing the date down before death). The reality of it, as it turns out, is that Washington died and then was resurrected four days later to write the date as a clue in the bible…. as well as draw out the map to Purgatory… nothing like being all mysterious about it. Good thing he’s got a time-traveling madman in a blue coat on his side! This madman not only deciphered the date, but also found the message explaining it as well as the map to Purgatory itself…with his companion’s help of course. It’s always fun watching these two work out the clues to the mystery and the little quips that go with them as they go on new adventures to save the world.

I am Pez. Molloch's servant.

I am Pez. Molloch’s servant.

This, however, led to a few little issues I had…mostly with Officer Pez, who I suppose is now Officer Lizardy Pez. So Pez is all concerned about Abbie because he loves her, right? He warns her that Moloch wants the map because it is the one thing that can destroy him all the while confessing his undying love for his precious. Then, after his escape, he goes back to his tunnel like a rat, gets mocked a bit by Moloch, does a complete 180 and begs to prove himself to the demon master, get’s transformed and officially joins the dark side. Really? I guess I didn’t really follow why he suddenly went completely Moloch-y on us. Then there’s the map to Purgatory. First, Moloch wants Abbie’s soul, which means if the two use the map to get to Purgatory then Moloch will have Abbie, just as he wants, so why is he trying to stop them from finding it? Also, Ichabod and Abbie had to work out all these secret passages to determine that Washington had a map while Ichabod alone was able to determine the secret location to the real Washington tomb replete with all sorts of Indiana Jones style booby traps, so how exactly did Officer Lizardy Pez find the tomb? Was he being tricksy and following them all along or did Moloch tell him where to go? And if Molloch knew where it was, why hadn’t he already retrieved the map? Guess I’ll stick to the simple answer for now: Lizardy Pez followed them or used GPS to track Abbie’s phone like most other demons in the modern world. So that leads to the final question regarding Lizardy Pez: will we ever see him again? Dead, buried, resurrected, cocooned, transformed into a beautiful lizardy-thing, brought back to his senses, spike to the head, dead, revived and buried alive. Officer Lizardy Pez has had a busy season, so was it his last?

The Map to Purgatory And Getting There

Let's do this...together!

Let’s do this…together!

Ah… the map to Purgatory. The key to getting Katrina back and the bane to Abbie’s existence with that pesky prophecy that keeps popping up. You know the one, Ichabod’s going to sacrifice her and all. They managed to find the map, but showing his true devotion to Abbie he burned it on site…. after having a really, really good look at it. Eidetic memory, remember? Abbie apparently had forgotten that little tidbit, but he didn’t. Naturally, he drew the map out for later. Oh, Ichabod, you sneaky Brit, you. Following the Sin Eater’s warning about Moloch unleashing Hell on Earth and determining the only way to stop him from bringing back the Second Horseman of the Apocalypse (otherwise known as War) was with a binding spell (meaning they need Katrina…are there really absolutely no modern witches left in Sleepy Hollow? None? Not even one?), they realize they need the map and lucky for them, Ichabod had already drawn it out! So they manage to find their way to Purgatory while leaving Jenny to figure out another part of a prophecy… something they should have perhaps waited to learn before jumping the gun and going into Purgatory (timing I guess) and not surprisingly, they were tricked and the prophecy had no choice but to take hold.

Honestly, I was thinking Ichabod would go into Purgatory by himself. He’s supposed to sacrifice Abbie after all and Purgatory is a place known for taking and keeping souls i.e. a good place to sacrifice someone, but of course, that means they both must go in together! The two witnesses, the two heroes of the tale, the only two who can save the world, go into danger together. There’s a reason members of the royal family don’t fly together nor do the president and vice president of the US, Abbie and Ichabod should have followed that shtick. You’d think a bit of separation would have done nicely here. Ichabod could go in with the Sin Eater or perhaps Jenny while Abbie stays out just in case something goes wrong…or vice versa. Of course, that’s not how it works (TV, I love and hate you sometimes). The two go in together and realize the only way to take one soul out, is to put another in its place, so Abbie heroically stays behind while Katrina goes out for a couple hours to perform the binding spell. And all Hell breaks loose from there when War is revealed and Ichabod and Katrina are trapped.

Purgatory sucks.

Purgatory sucks.

The Sin Eater i.e. Henry Parrish i.e. Jeremy Crane i.e. War

Yes. You read that correctly. Our beloved Sin Eater and Henry Parrish, the man who used his cool sin eating powers to separate Ichabod from Headless and bring Officer Lizardy Pez to his senses long enough for Abbie to spike him, has a secret…. or two…. or three…and this was the BIG surprise of the night. The least expected twist I could have imagined….or hoped for! While Abbie’s trapped in Purgatory realizing the true identity of the Second Horseman and Jenny’s unconscious in a flipped jeep with the same news to pass on, the Crane family is having a little reunion….about two hundered years too late. The Sin Eater/Henry Parrish is Jeremy Crane….and also the Second Horseman of the Apocalypse. He is War. I did call one part of this at least, Jeremy Crane is not a happy camper! Although his parents had no control over his fate due to their own sacrifices (and seriously, Ichabod really had NOTHING to do with it whatsoever), Jeremy blames them for everything. He blames them for his misery and being trapped underground for centuries and for being abandoned, so he’s gone and joined the Moloch cult. He’s joined forces with the enemy, he’s buddies with the other horseman and he was released 13 years ago to the day. With his mommy and daddy all tied up, he seeks the ultimate revenge and uses his incredible power to knock Katrina out and give her as a gift to Headless (awe, how sweet) while he proceeds to trap Ichabod in his own former tomb…because that is precisely what Ichabod deserves. How dare he die, get hexed for centuries and return thirteen years after his son is removed from his tomb without even having any knowledge of a son to begin with? He definitely deserves to be entombed once more! I’m sorry, but blaming Ichabod for anything just seems a bit crazy, but then again two centuries in a tomb feeding off of random roots probably didn’t help in the sanity department.

That being said, this twist was one hell of a doozy. Not only did one of the favorite characters of the season turn out to be one of the Horseman of the Apocalypse all along, but the damn man was also Ichabod’s own son! I…was…not…expecting…that! And I can’t wait until next season to see how they wrap all of this up! Irving’s in jail, Jenny’s in the road with a pretty good bang to the head, Abbie’s in Purgatory, Ichabod’s in an unmarked grave sealed by magic and Katrina is with Headless…god only knows what his plans are (a tea party perhaps?)…so how will our favorite characters make their way to safety and defeat War next season?  Got any theories?

Badass of the Finale


The Sin Eater i.e. Henry Parrish i.e. Jeremy Crane i.e. War

There was no question that this would go to the Sin Eater. Obviously, he turned out to be bad… not just badass, but really bad and that’s why he wins. He’s all-powerful, more so than his witchy mother. He’s apparently immortal. He’s a horseman. He’s tricksy. And damn it, he’s still pretty likable!

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