Grimm Review – Eyes of the Beholder

This week’s episode was an interesting one in that the focus really wasn’t on Nick. I’m struggling to come up with any other episode where he’s taken such a backseat to other characters, but it was nice to see more of a focus on storylines featuring Hank and Juliette.


Hank really knows how to pick his love interests, doesn’t he? Kudos to him for being willing to date another Wesen after the disastrous results of his time with Adalind. He even saw Zuri with blood all over her mouth after killing someone as a Yaguaraté and all he did was protect her from Nick. It’s too bad that Zuri doesn’t seem to want to give things a try… although those longing looks they gave each other as Hank left make me wonder if she’s going to change her mind.


The Wesen gang plot… it was okay, though it seemed unfinished to me. Gangs don’t usually ignore their members dying without retribution, so will we see more showing up in Portland in a few weeks? Maybe that’s how Zuri and his brother will be involved again – I although I hope not. A full-on Wesen gang war would be extremely bad, and there are plenty of plot arcs going on as it is!

Juliette was back to her mixture of awkward and awesome in this episode. First, she totally blows it in trying to talk to Alicia about being Wesen, and then – despite both Rosalee and Nick telling her to leave Alicia alone – she makes it worse by not only telling her again that she’s okay with Alicia being Wesen, but that Nick is a Grimm. Come on, Juliette! No wonder she tried to run out the door. The timing of when Joe showed up was pretty lame – Alicia had been out looking at apartments by herself; why didn’t he just grab her then? That Joe managed to knock Nick out with one punch – and Nick was out long enough that Juliette had to kick Joe’s butt – are both really suspect to me, Grimm writers. I applaud Juliette kicking butt wholeheartedly, but you can’t set Nick up as getting stronger and having new powers only to have him get his butt kicked that easily when it suits you. A little more consistency, please! But Juliette was great, and her and Alicia hugging the stuffing out of each other after Alicia woged for her was lovely. I still want Alicia and Rosalee to meet. They can’t be related since Juliette told Rosalee about Alicia, but surely Alicia needs more friends if she’s staying in Portland.


There was very little Renard and no Adalind this week, which was slightly disappointing but understandable. Here’s hoping we see more on their arcs next week.

And how adorable were Monroe and Rosalee in the few scenes they had? Monroe’s acceptance of Rosalee’s past was so sweet, and then him playing the cello for her? Swoon!  Here’s to more Monrosalee next week!



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