Supernatural 9.10 – Road Trip Review

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Air Date: 1-14-2014

Our beloved show is back on and I couldn’t be happier.  Before I dive into this weeks Review I want to let you all know I am changing it up.  Instead of a full length recap I will be giving some highlights and my thoughts about the episode.  So let’s get started….

I was so excited for the return of our show and the show didn’t disappoint, but really I am not sure if the show could really disappoint me, I just love it so much.  There was something that left me in turmoil, but we will address that at the end.

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The buzz after the mid-season finale was that Kevin wasn’t really dead, that at most he was just blinded, but tonight we find out that our prophet is really gone and Dean is a mess because of it.  Teaming up with Cass they make a deal with Crowley and go after Sam.  Bonding over the fact that they are both “trusting”, as Cass puts it, people they wait as Crowley wedges his way in and finds out who is possessing Sam.  It was hard to watch Sam in the condition.  Part of me thinks that Crowley is becoming attached to the Winchesters because he was willing to help them.  Yes it benefited him in the end as he is now free, but there was just something there that made me think there is underlying caring and I think he was even sad that Kevin died.

Supernatural Road Trip 1

Metatron was manipulating Gadreel, which we already knew, and lead him to kill his bff, Abner, who had been locked up with him in Heaven.  He seemed to be tormented by the tasks that Metatron gave him, but his desperation to get back to Heaven outweighed them all.

Abbadon is still trying to take over hell, but when Crowley learns that some still fear him he knows that there is a chance that he will be in power once again.

Supernatural Road Trip 2

These are just a few of the great things that happened in tonight’s episode.

The one thing that left me with my face scrunched up was that once again the brother’s parted ways.  They have done this to us so many times that I couldn’t even be shocked.  Sam is pissed at Dean for lying and Dean is pissed at himself for putting those he loves in harm’s way again.  Sam said something that peeked my attention, but of course the show doesn’t elaborate.

So we are left with some worries and questions:

1) Will Crowley take over hell?

2) Now that Dean has walked away will Cass and Sam become the new duo and can they entertain us as much as Dean and Cass?

3) What did Sam mean as Dean walked away?

4) Will the boys, like they have so many times in the past, reunite and forgive or have we just had too many times for that to happen?

Well I for one can’t wait for these questions and more to be answered.

So until next week my Wayward family…be safe and happy.


Jennifer Rux