Supernatural 9.12 – Sharp Teeth Review

Air Date: 1-28-2014

Well tonight’s episode was one of those okay, well up until the end anyway, episodes.  It wasn’t in my epic category, but it wasn’t in my hate category.  Well I really don’t have a hate category, but that is besides the point.  I think I am just still bitter that there is this huge wedge between the brothers Winchester.  I can’t stand when the writers do this and it makes me feel like they are leading us away from the show or something and I just pray that isn’t so.

So lets talk for a little bit about the interesting twist about Garth being a werewolf and married.  What??!!  He is married?  Yep it appears that six months prior, when Garth vanished, he was out hunting a werewolf and before he took it out he was bitten.  He had accepted his fate and was going to put himself down when Bess, a purebred (meaning she was born a werewolf not bitten) found him and talked him into living and joining her pack.  They were married about 2 months later.  I know what you are thinking because I am thinking the same….THIS IS CRAZY!!!

Sharp Teeth 3

Garth tries to convince the brothers there are good werewolf’s out there and this family is one of them.   They only eat animal hearts and they do not kill or harm humans.  The dad is even the local minister.  The boys, who both showed up for Garth, decided to work together to make sure all is what it seems and then go their separate ways again, and just like always Dean falls into the leadership role ordering Sam around.  Sam just goes with it.

sharp teeth 1

Dean has lunch with the “family” and he really isn’t convince that all is what it appears.  While they are poking around Sam discovers that Garth and his bride have been taken and Dean finds clues of a werewolf cult worshiping a wolf deity and out for werewolf domination.  While Sam leaves Garth’s to meet up with Dean he is taken as well. Dean has a heart to heart with Reverend Werewolf and comes to the realization that he is not part of those that want to take over, but human and wolf peace.

The “bad guy” this time isn’t a guy at all, but Bess’ stepmother. sharp teeth 2 She kind of snapped when her brother was killed by a hunter a year prior.  She is leading the cult and she is going to set Sam up for the murder of Bess and Garth in hopes that will break the Reverend and he will change his tune, but Dean comes to the rescue.  He defeats the bad guy and saves the day.

As the boys leave Garth wants Dean to let him join him in the hunt.  He wants to make his mistakes of leaving them and Kevin right, but Dean tells him that when it is right it is right and he had found love and family and shouldn’t give it up.  Besides someone has to tell the story someday and who better than Garth….direct quote from Dean.

Right before the boys part ways Dean asks Sam if they could hunt together again.  Sam agrees, but then tells Dean that he can’t trust him and that if they are going to hunt they are just going to work but they can’t be brothers because all that is wrong between them is because they are brothers.

Okay so my retelling of that scene isn’t as heart wrenching as it was to watch it.  The look in Dean’s face broke my heart and makes me angry at my favorite show as they just keep driving that wedge.  I just can’t stand the wait till next week…can you?

Well until then my lovely Wayward family….stay safe and happy.

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