The Walking Dead Season 4.5 Featurette – Separation, Anxiety

Image courtesy AMC

AMC has put together a four minute featurette covering what to expect in the second half of The Walking Dead‘s fourth season.  After the Governor’s attempt to take over the prison, our survivors have basically scattered in all different directions.  They’re separated with no means of communication and no backup plan for how to regroup.

This new situation is going to change the show a good bit and I think for the better.  Even with the constant attacks and the virus outbreak, the prison was getting a little too static and had just become a larger version of the farm.  Now everyone’s on the move and many of them are on their own.

Without each other to count on, will they manage to survive?  Will they manage stay sane?  I’m sure the answer to both those questions is, “No” for at least a few.

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