A review of Serenity – Leaves on the wind #2

Second installment of the Serenity comic has landed, lots of things going on in this one and it really is great to see captain Mal and his ermmmm not so merry bunch again! This review contains spoilers.

WRITTEN BY: Zack Whedon
PENCILS: Georges Jeanty
INKS: Karl Story
PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics
PRICE: $3.50
RELEASE: February 26th

Let’s start with Zoe, she has just given birth to a little girl called Emma, but the birth didn’t go well so she needs medical attention. So they go and leave her at a hospital of sorts. Mal really battles leaving his first mate as they all know, the alliance will take her when they figure out she is there. Zoe however have no plans of letting the alliance in on any secrets. This lady is a bad ass after all.

Back on Serenity the crew feel morose after leaving Zoe. Step in River who suggests some blackmail. She reckons with her brain mostly filled with secrets that the alliance wouldn’t want to spill out into the ‘verse, they could get Zoe back. It is just a question of putting River in a induced coma, so she can dig around in her brain bank of creepy knowledge. Her brother, the good doctor, is not a fan of this, but agrees to it eventually.

The ever naughty and scheming alliance has saved Mr Jubal Early from floating around in space it seems. They are now asking this bounty hunter to bring them the crew of Serenity. Well mostly they want River Tam found. Early muses he doesn’t do any finding, someone else will, he will just follow them…

The people he are talking about are the new resistance led by Bea. They have enlisted Jayne to help to find the missing Firefly. They of course want Mal to don his brown coat and led them.

They eventually find Mal and his boat, who isn’t exactly thrilled to see them and tells then a big fat No to joining the new resistance! As he does this,Bea’s ship and crew gets blown up. Oops now who could that be???

The comic ends with creepy Early creeping around on Serenity, reaching his target, the sleeping beauty that is the coma induced River Tam.

It is sooo nice to have all these characters back! And it is a really good start to this comic, because everything really works. I guess we can thank Joss’ brother Zack for this, who is the writer in case you hadn’t noticed. It gives off the same feeling the TV series did and is very enjoyable in these early days at least. I really hope it will continue on like this. Bring on issue #3!

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