Being Human 4×05 – Pack It Up Pack It In Review

Air Date: 2-10-2014

Another week another episode and was it a good episode, I would say it was. My favorite part of the whole show tonight was when Sally and Aidan were talking about his past and she told him he was a good man and that he needed to stay that way. The scene was touching and heartfelt and was worth the angst the rest of the show gave me. 

Being Human - Season 4

While visiting Caroline, Andrew and baby April, Josh and Nora were introduced to another werewolf couple Mark and Wendy.  Mark is rather dominant and that rubs Josh the wrong way.  I too didn’t like the guy he is a big D-bag.  Caroline is upset that she hasn’t been able to go through the normal stuff when one is expecting and Nora volunteers to throw a baby shower.  Emily, Josh’s sister freshly out of rehab, shows up the day of the party and well things just go awry when Andrew asks Mark to invite the whole wolf pack.

Meanwhile Aidan is nursing a broken heart from his break up with Kat.  Great now we have the brooding Aidan back and even though I wasn’t a fan of Kat at least she made Aidan happy.  Anyway, Kenny catches up with his dad and they go out drinking and show up at the baby shower drunk on bagged blood.

Being Human - Season 4

While Sally tries to help Emily she casts a spell on the human so see her but it backfires as it allows her to see Kenny as his true self and the spell whirls Sally into the 1920’s to spend some not so great moments of Aidan’s life.

So the wolves are apprehensive about the truce with vampires and this Mark is spouting off about sticking together which upsets Josh to no end and when Aidan and Kenny show up drunk doesn’t help his argument.  Caroline and Andrew decide to join the pack and Josh just isn’t so sure about it, but Nora understands it.  I feel an impending rift soon with Nora wanting to be with the pack of her kind and Josh’s love and loyalty  to his family, Aidan and Sally. I really don’t like this Mark guy and at the end when they joined the pack for the turn really put my mind into a whirl.  Story wise it is great, but I just want the family to stay the same. Being Human - Season 4

I am enjoying the bond between Kenny and Aidan and I hope Kenny stays on the up and up otherwise I feel it could hinder Aidan’s intention of being a good guy.

I said last week that I am enjoying Sally’s movement through time, but I am ready for the show to provided us with why and what she will discover already.

Overall this was a great episode and I am looking forward to next week.

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