Bullets of Fury – a review of Furious #2

fur2Issue two of Furious and I was pretty excited to read this, and it delivers! This is another action packed issue with some more parts of the puzzle falls in place. This review includes spoilers.

WRITTEN BY: Bryan J. L. Glass
ART: Victor Santos
PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE: February 26th

In this issue there is quite a lot going on, so let’s see if I can remember it all. Furious herself gets into a situation when she gets shot in the head by a rather unpleasant man. Well in last issue we learnt she could fly, in this one we learn (and so does Furious) that she can survive bullets. A good thing as the police arrives and tries to take her out too. This indeed makes her furious…

We also get some tidbits from Cady’s past. She was raised by her father after her mum and two sisters passed away. You see she was a triplet. Ahhh suddenly her three personas make a bit mote sense huh? Well anyway, Cady Lark seems to be a bit of a Lindsay Lohan, a child star pushed to hard by her manager/father and turned into a pillpopping drunkardess of an it girl.

The last thing we have to talk about is that other masked girl, someone who also is rather furious, and that at Cady. This lady poses as a street walker and beats her John to be up into a pulp, asking if he would like her to pretend to be Cady Lark.

Hrmm so who is this masked girl then? Someone from Cadys past that’s for sure. Could it be so that one of her sisters isn’t quite that dead? And why has Cady turned superhuman? And what made her turn from useless it girl to a superhero? Lots of questions to answer so hurry up and bring out issue 3 please!

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