Doctor Who: Another Insanely Gorgeous Fan-Made Intro

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It’s not exactly news that fans of Doctor Who are anxious to see Peter Capaldi in the role of the Twelfth Doctor, nor is it news that we’ve got a really long wait ahead of us.  The good thing is there always seems to be a steady trickle of news about the show to keep everyone happy until the premiere.

Something a lot of fans have done is create their idea of what the new Doctor’s intro scene should look like.  There have been many, but until now there has only been one I thought worth bringing to your attention.  Back in October I posted this: Fan Made “Doctor Who” Series 8 Intro Is Perfect and it still is, but there’s a new contender that may just edge it out of first place.

YouTube user and self-described “undiscovered VFX artist working from a basement in Brighton, South UK” has created an intro easily worthy of broadcast.  His real-world name is Xander David-Hugh, his website is Neon Visual, and after watching his efforts I have every confidence you’ll agree.

Hey, maybe if enough fans created enough quality intros the BBC could use a different one for each episode.  It would be a novel way to showcase the devotion and talent of Doctor Who fans.

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