Supernatural 9.13 – The Purge Review

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Air Date: 2-4-2014

Supernatural The Purge 2

I have to start my review with a statement that I never thought I would ever say toward my all time favorite TV show, and that is after 9 years Supernatural has finally ticked me off.  I am sick and tired of this strain between the brothers and when Sam told Dean he wouldn’t have done what Dean did if the roles were reversed was just…frustrating for lack of a better or more appropriate word.  Also I live in Minnesota, I would say I was from here but I wasn’t born here, and we don’t FREAKING talk like that.  When the cop started talking all I could think was Fargo all over again.  *sigh*.  Other than these annoying moments I did like the episode and during my review I may revert to my inner teenager so I apologize in advance if that happens.

So lets talk about this episode shall we?  Tension is high between the Winchesters and even though he doesn’t admit it Dean is muddling over what Sam said to about them not being able to be brothers.  During his sleepless nights he finds them a case, in Stillwater Minnesota, where very overweight people are getting killed and they are dropping more than half their body weight when they do.  *Hey sounds good to me.  Well other than the dying part.*

The clues and death’s in Stillwater, by the way we Minnesotans don’t talk like that…I know I already said that, but it is true; sure we say yeah you betcha, but we don’t sound like that with that horrible accent, lead them to a spa where they guarantee weight loss in a weeks time.  They get themselves hired at the spa, Sam as an instructor and Dean in the kitchen, and begin to do what they do best.

Supernatural The Purge 3During Yoga class Sam learns that all the clients at the spa have suction marks on their backs.  We got to witness the owner, Maritza, sucking fat out of the Stillwater sheriff, who took a vacation during the middle of a murder investigation.  Ugh it just gets worse and worse.

Dean, who is not happy being the lunch lady, steals some pudding and finds himself drugged.  Putting all the Supernatural The Purge 1pieces of the puzzle together Dean corners Maritza and she confesses all.  She is a monster, but more of a parasite, eating enough fat from people to live.  However her brother, the head lunch lady,  is the killer.  He feels that Maritza and her husband are starving him.  After she tells them how to kill him the boys go up against the fat sucker and of course saves the day, but not before he busts Sam’s lip open.  They decided to allow Maritza to live, but insist she goes back to Peru.

At the end the boys have a “conversation” where Dean tells Sam that he did what he did because it was the right thing to do and Sam tells him it wasn’t.  Basically Dean is driven to do what he does so he isn’t hurting.  Sam even admits that he wouldn’t have saved Dean if the shoe was on the other foot.  “What?!?!”  I guess I don’t understand as I would do the same thing Dean has done if it were me and my brother.  I am displeased that we still have all this tension and it is getting worse.

Well I have come to the end of this review and I am pretty proud of myself for not resorting to my inner teenager by commenting on how cute Dean looked in his lunch lady outfit and how swoon worthy Sam was in downward dog.

Supernatural will be off the air for a little bit returning to us on the 25th of February.

Until next week my Wayward family…be safe, smart and happy.

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